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Interest in game


For those who reach last level no interest is left till new levels are loaded. Previously they could play old levels to keep interest grow and collect boosters for coming levels. This be reintroduced even if its changed and new form is created  

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  • sandie1228
    sandie1228 Posts: 9 Level 2

    Yes! Plus the new levels each week seem to be getting harder without a lot of boosters to help unless you buy them. 😞 It's getting old and boring!

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 25,353 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to this community

    There are new levels every week, please go to the discussion area. @Elsa

  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,836 Sweet Legend

    Thanks for tagging me @Spinnifix! The Build-a-Bot for going down to lower levels to build up the rewards is gone! It's not coming back! The studio is updating the game by closing old events and will be introducing new events in the future. For anyone who is always at the top waiting for the next episode, I would suggest that you play some of the other King games while waiting for a new episode to be released on every Wednesday. I play all 4 candy crush games plus other King games. Closing this for now.

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