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Build-a-bot recharge from previous levels



  • bull3061
    bull3061 Posts: 21 Level 2

    It is disappointing that the build a bot has changed to this... I too... been playing many years .. waiting every week for more.. then this is taken away.. seems like the solution is to find a different game. King ... this is bad... pushing people away.

  • Bumper2019
    Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Level 5

    Quote: seems like the solution is to find a different game

    Yep, can see the investors saying that to each other at the AGM

  • eyevan
    eyevan Posts: 18 Level 2

    i really miss the old bot, i wish they bring it back

  • John_0510
    John_0510 Posts: 27 Level 2

    CC is getting frustrating. I hate it when it says “Time to Relax” when you open the app. Like yeah when you bring back the old formats! Who is a King staff we can tag? I know they wouldnt care as usual, but maybe I can tag everyday to annoy them too. 🙄

  • Bumper2019
    Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Level 5
    edited May 2020

    Could always tag an investor. Think staff are more likely to bury their head in the sand.

  • becky_bats
    becky_bats Posts: 1 Newbie

    I've come here because I'm on the verge of deleting the app as it doesnt make me want to play anymore, I feel like I definitely want to find a new game or app to use in my free time.

    Levels have become almost impossible if you've been playing it for a while, 0 gratification, 100% frustration, 0 motivation, (0 relaxation) because of the new update meaning you cant build up boosters from old levels. I thought I'd try it over the past few days but it's not fun anymore, theres no fun involved in playing it now :( been playing for years, this definitely is the worst update of all, and new players wont even get far either, it's not enticing when you get stuck and have no way forward.

  • dinzle
    dinzle Posts: 12 Level 2

    Another thing I’ve noticed about the bot lately is that if you eventually manage to build it, as I did this morning, it will sometimes go back to the beginning for no reason - I had the full bot, lost two games, went down two stages and stopped playing for a bit. When I opened CCS a couple of hours later it had reset to nothing, which is infuriating now that it’s so hard to get!

  • robbiekeck
    robbiekeck Posts: 1 Newbie

    I am sure the programmers have the algorithms set to keep people buying. How many times are you just one or two moves away? They can set the algorithms to measure how many times you try a level before buying. They can track the frequency of play when you haven’t been able to pass a level and periodically give you a winning board to keep you hooked. They can track learn predictions about our play and set the game to receive the optimal level of purchases. If people stop buying, the game will get easier. But it’s hard not to buy that 10 bars of gold when you know you can win in one move. They hook us, then milk us.

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