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  • adeywa
    adeywa Posts: 15 Level 2
    edited May 2023

    Totally agree.. levels have become almost impossible to complete without buying boosters or waiting for a lucky board.

    Any levels with 15 MOVES or less is absolutely pointless.. you know within the first 3 moves if you are able to completethe level..

    And with only 6 lives is almost a waste of time to get your phone out of your pocket.

    ( current level 3451)

  • mandrak
    mandrak Posts: 200 Level 3
    edited May 2023

    @Freddy_Falkner I notice I easier pass hard and extra hard level then let’s call easier. If they took me 5moves it’s not easy and write know I spend 15 lives and not the pass the level. And every new level have at least 1 moves less. Maybe King update first 1000 or 2000 levels but old one is not. So if players hard pass beginners level how they pas 4000or high. And today I notice when you pass the level on built the bot you don’t get colour bombs like it used to be. Every they take some good things and nothing give. I also notice in my group I play on mobile phone for the first week award before few months you need to pass at least 200levels. Last week I was first with 70levels. Half of my group doesn’t have pass 1 level. So when moderated tells me that’s changes which kings make it it’s good they just make fool of me. Many players are bitter and play much less because don’t see the purpose play a few days to pass one level. So when kings start to lose players I think it’s gonna be late.

  • kamra123
    kamra123 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 2023
  • supafly
    supafly Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited May 2023

    This is my major gripe with this game now. I’m currently on 3106 and it’s just ridiculous. I know I’ll be awarded some sympathy luck soon by the game as I’ve been stuck on it for a few days now, but that in itself is part of the problem. There’s no sense of achievement when the game does this as it’s literally a built-in cheat to make you think you’re progressing,and who wants to “win” like that? I’d say the game becomes less and less fun from level 2000-onwards and the lack of moves means it’s down to luck or the algorithm - not skill - on whether you pass the level or not. A crying shame for what was once a fun game, I’ve been reducing my game time for months now Andrew it’s just a matter of time before I stop altogether.

  • FalconPro
    FalconPro Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 2023

    The bottom line is that all of the changes are specifically calculated to make King more money. They essentially use gambling rules based on simple maths of probability i.e the harder they make the levels to pass the higher the probability players will spend money on extra boosters to pass them. You can bet there’s a team up there saying ‘well if we take 3 moves off this level we can increase revenue by x amount or if we take away the ability to reshuffle the board we’ll make x amount more. Candy crush used to be fun but is now transparent soulless greed.

    This on top of increasing the number of levels at an alarming rate, which will take years and years for new players to ever complete. Most will give up along the way. I’m on level 4000 and am struggling to stay interested in the game as it can takes weeks to pass a single level now.

  • Fraudsters
    Fraudsters Posts: 5 Level 2
    edited May 2023

    Haha, you people crack me up with your 'this video/strategy should help'. I am rolling around on the floor at your blatant disregard and utter contempt for the people who play this game.

    The game and the principles are built on defrauding loyal customers into spending money. Fortunately I have never spent a penny on this game and never will due to the deceitful nature of the company.

    Their latest stunt is probably the best yet so watch out for it folks. Progress to a 'hard' level and the first time you play it you may notice the number of moves are ridiculously low. Clearly you will fail it unless you use/buy boosters. However, if you then return to the level again you will notice a miracle has occurred and the number of moves has doubled. Really there is no way of dressing this behaviour up as anything other than fraudulent.

  • Munster
    Munster Posts: 531 Level 3

    level 13237 is supposed to be a hard level, have to clear 158 jellies and 115 frosting blockers and all the stuff before actually clearing the board with 20 moves... this is IMPOSSIBLE to do with 20 moves, this is ridiculously hard, please help

  • Tulipanonero
    Tulipanonero Posts: 72 Level 2

    Only the moderators of this game win. You are truly ridiculous.

  • gailanna
    gailanna Posts: 52 Level 2

    Level 12917…..4th day. Please remove added blockers or give back moves. King .com is worth billions. 2000 employees if you believe what you read on the internet. How many players worldwide?????? The higher levels are not important to them. Many more players are below us, having there own issues, I fully think that we are making comments to another computer. Maybe after a level has been “noticed” enough times it spits out a notice to somebody. Why do I vent here????

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