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  • I've been playing for 8 years, but find myself playing and spending less and less. Now that they've taken away all the lives our friends send, I play my five and move on. Of course, that doesn't help me progress at all because when you're in the 14,000s, every level is impossible without paying gold and using all your…
  • I just posted the same sentiments. I used to spend a lot more $$ bc the game was winnable with boosters. Now, you have to buy more moves bc it’s unwinnable with the moves given.and the boosters don’t help . It’s dumb. Worse, it’s boring. I’m not here to play the same level for days on end.
  • That's because you're in the 7000s. Once you get past 10,000, the game is impossible to win. Been stuck on level 13,900 for two days and am getting bored with the whole thing.
  • Even the so-called easy upper levels are impossible. How can you win any races or finish chocolate box challenges that require you to clear 6 levels any more? It can take me days to complete one level unless I buy more moves. I'm not going to buy moves for every level, so I'll eventually just stop playing.
  • All the lives I received disappeared yesterday. Did anyone else have that happen? Also, I think less people are sending lives because there's no longer an incentive to do so. When they had the Royalty rewards, sending lives would give you bonus points.
  • I was just coming on here to ask if I've gotten worse or if it's impossible to win levels without buying more moves.
    in 13538 ???? Comment by cobwellac May 25
  • 13055 is ridiculous. There are only 20 moves, but you have to clear the candy skull before you even get to the frosting and other blockers covering the jelly. Impossible.
  • I hate this level and refuse to pay for more moves just to clear it.
  • I thought I posted my complaint about 10489 on here earlier, but I hate it. It's caused me to almost stop playing. The numbers don't work. Not only did they remove 2 moves since the beginning, they added 5 more icings and toffees! So it went from 35 moves 95 toffee and icing, to 33 moves 100 toffee and icing. Now I can't…
  • I have slowed down my playing immensely since reaching level 10489. There simply aren't enough candies/moves to complete the level. With 33 moves and only one check dropping per move, it's impossible to clear enough toffees in time to ensure enough icing candies drop. I will not pay for more moves to complete because it's…
  • I’m also playing as my lives renew. I refuse to spend $$ for more moves when only one special candy drops each move. You can’t get enough to collect all required candirs in the game. It’s getting boring. I'm also editing this comment to add that not only did they remove 2 moves since the beginning, they added 5 more icings…
  • 10476 is ridiculous. By the time I clear enough waffles to open the middle section, I'm out of moves. Why not give more moves? 21 isn't enough.
  • Did you ever pass? Or did you quit playing? I've been stuck here for a while now, as well. Used up all my (useless for this board) boosters and once all my gold bars are used up, I'm pretty much done with this game. It's not fun to keep playing the same level because there aren't enough moves to win.
  • I'm with all of you. I've updated, logged out and back in, restarted devices, etc., but have never seen the advent calendar.
  • I never had air drop, but I agree that every level above 10,000 has gotten ridiculously hard and less fun. I've used up almost all my boosters and they still take days to complete.

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