Soda refuses to open level 456. Also the game will not open level gift boxes.

I have done every so-called 'FIX' you have put out. The game completely refuses to open level 456. The level gift boxes do not open and each time I open the game it opens to level 390 even though I am on 456. If you have a Legitimate answer to the issue I would really appreciate it. If you are too incompetent to fix your own software issues I will simply uninstall ALL king games. Is there or is there Not a fix?


  • I have the same problem and can't get any answer from them.  I have emailed support and they direct you back to the Community page for other players to answer.  Very poor service from King.

  • tlmarvintlmarvin Posts: 1
    what is going on with level 456 will not open 
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