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  • bullywoolybullywooly Posts: 62 Level 3
    Unfortunately king only listen to what they  want too. It’s been said time and again within this  forum that people don’t want to be part of teams, but they choose not to listen, sending out there lackeys to quote why it’s good to be part of them. The same with the quests, they have no interest in changing back to the old format, regardless of how many complaints, again sending the lackeys out to spout company policy of how wonderful everything is within the community. It’s the same old thing, money talks.
  • Yaz_MilaniYaz_Milani Posts: 168 Level 3
    May I make a suggestion? 
    It would be a great incentive to get one point for each level played, regardless of passing. Then to replay a level you could get 2 points. That way I wouldn’t stop trying to pass the level I’m stuck on because I want to earn points.. which then leads me back to level 1 on repeat.. it can be very very very boring. 
  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 212 Level 3
    I haven’t been able to play much the last couple of weeks—basically just enough to keep my daily booster streak going.  I didn’t post any data from my most recently completed squad because it was so similar to the prior squads.  We didn’t even manage to get the second chest open.  My current squad actually has all five teammates participating!  Shock city!  Even so, it doesn’t look promising that we will make all three chests.  
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 378 Level 4
    I was with a really good group that made it to 800 with 6 days left and being a low contributer even though I play some every day. We were kept together but only made it to the 600s the second time. Now the bears are searching for a new squad, oh boy!
  • jalejale Posts: 1 New Bee
    I have no soda squad on game why 
  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 212 Level 3
    edited August 2019
    Yesterday the squad I was on actually managed to earn enough points to open the third chest.  First time for me since Soda Squad was introduced.  Despite being underwhelmed by the contents of the chest, I have to admit a certain level of satisfaction in FINALLY having a team in which everyone contributed.  So I had some time to play this morning and noticed that we were about 20 points from opening the first chest in the new game.  I replayed the first 20 levels to open the chest and received 30 minutes of a striped candy as the reward.  What a total waste of time.  Quit playing and came here to post instead.  Getting closer to giving up this game with each useless reward I get.
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 378 Level 4
    You can do better with your daily bonus and winning a few levels to get the Rainbow rewards and a lot less work!
  • Jami_FagalaJami_Fagala Posts: 71 Level 3
    Seems like every new and wonderful “feature” and change being made is just another way to take boosters away from us. Now y’all have screwed up rainbow road. I have finally used up all my gold bars and boosters so I’m done. I have played this game since it first came out and I’ve spent quite a bit of money which is something most games would appreciate from their players but not y’all. You people have completely ruined this game. What a shame. 
  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 212 Level 3
    @Jami_Fagala my sentiments exactly.  Am willing to bet my last striped lollipop that we will soon see a redesign of Bubblegum Hill, making it less confusing, more difficult to win, and with less valuable rewards.
  • peejaypeejay Posts: 121 Level 3
    I'd love to give my feedback once I have tired it
    Please add me up to the soda squad just cant wait to try it
  • BricornBricorn Posts: 121 Level 3
    How does this "gold for stars" work?  Will I get anything free, or am I only earning the right to buy gold?
  • Jami_FagalaJami_Fagala Posts: 71 Level 3
    @candysodacrusher I’m sure you’re right. They’ve already messed with bubblegum hill a while ago. When it first came out along with the 6 lollipop hammers you would get an automatic 11 or 12 (I can’t remember which now) gold bars plus what you could accumulate while on the throne. Now there’s no automatic gold bars and you’re lucky if you get more than 1 gold bar. The 6 lollipop hammers made it worth playing but I’m sure there’s an optimization coming soon to that too. 
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 378 Level 4
    BGH has already seen a decline. It now only gives you 1-5 gold bars and used to be able to earn a lot more if you stayed on the throne long enough! I havent been able to win it much lately and am lucky to get 3 bars when I do win!
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 378 Level 4
    I forgot about the automatic gold bars!
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