I am on level 529. The game keeps giving me an error and will not let me continue to play.

BevFBevF Posts: 3
When I click to play, the error message says "There is an error and you (the game) will have it fixed within moments. I haven't been able to play for around a week


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 6,594 Superstar
    Hello @BevF, Hearty Welcome to the Candy Soda section of our friendly King Community :) 

    I am sorry to hear about the issue in your game!!  Can you tell me what device you are using to play the game?  Is it PC or a mobile device?  If you are on PC, I am not sure about the reason, but the game did not load for past 2-3 days for some reason!!  But, today the game is working without any interruptions :+1: 

    Also, one more thing I have noticed is that whenever Facebook has loading issues, the game(s) also won't load properly!!  If you are logged into the game through Facebook, that could be the issue too!!  It completely depends on the device as well as internet connection for our games to load. 

    Please let me know is this clarifies or not!!  To post back, tap on "Type your Comment" box located below. 

    Thank you for posting in the Community!  Have a nice day/evening! 

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  • BevFBevF Posts: 3
    I am playing on a PC. OS system. I have a fast internet connection. I can replay all levels from 1 to 525. I had played level 526 and it has 1 star. 527 has 3 stars, and level 528 is showing 2 stars. When I try to replay 526, 527 or 528, OR the last level (529) which I was trying to complete, I get an error message "You have experienced an error that we are working hard to fix. Please try again in a moment."
  • BevFBevF Posts: 3
    As of today, I still get the same results!
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 6,594 Superstar
    Hello again @BevF, Thank you for posting back :+1: 

    Please try the trouble shooting steps from this link and see if it improves the game play!  Usually, it does and many players have said the same.  So, always worth a try and we loose nothing  

    Please let me know how it went.  Talk to you soon :) 

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  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,162 Community Manager
    Hi @BevF,

    This is an ongoing issue that we are working hard on fixing.I presume this is happening when playing on Facebook? If so, either you can wait until we find a fix (with Facebook, as it's an issue only affecting their platform) or you can pass the level playing it from any of our other options (King.com, Windows 10 App, Android or iOS).


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