Weird log in

Kellij69Kellij69 Posts: 2
yesterday I logged in to my soda crush to play. It made me reconnect to Facebook by clicking on the icon, which it’s done before. But it started me from the beginning. I started playing anyway. Today I noticed the picture was my husbands profile picture not mine. How did that happen? We don’t have anything hooked together. I don’t even have his passwords. How can I get my game back? Help!


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,352 Community Moderator
    Which device are you playing on @Kellij69? Apple, Android?

    Have you also by any chance tried reinstalling the game app? 

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  • Kellij69Kellij69 Posts: 2
    Apple, and yes I did and it’s still the same way 🤷‍♀️ I guess I will continue playing it this way. Oh well.
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