Login Bonus got Lost through making an King Account to synchronize progress on my new Device

DaggicrDaggicr Posts: 2
Hello Community,

i am frustrated because my login bonus of 700+ Days got Lost just because i made an King Account to synchronize my progress to play along on my new ios device. Now i have different login bonuses and BOTH Devices Lost that Progress. My New Device started with 15 Days and the old one kept the progress the next day by 700+ days. The day after that, the old Device lost the high progress too. Is there a way to restore that?


  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 7,056 Superstar
    Hi @Daggicr - welcome to our friendly community. Can you please confirm what device(s) you are using to play the game. Login streaks are stored on your local device so each one should be separate but you shouldn’t have lost your streak?

    Please provide your user ID by following the link below for instructions.


    Tagging our CM @Xarly so he’s aware of the possible issue.

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  • XarlyXarly Posts: 1,966 Community Manager
    Hi both,

    I'm sorry this happened. As @Foley1362 perfectly mentioned, these logins are stored in your devices. Sometimes, data is not sent properly from the device to our servers, and logins are missed. Sadly, this is not something we can restore. After 7 days though, the rewards are as good as they were on your 700 day (which by the way, is a truly admirable milestone!).

    As a gesture of good will and as an apology, I've sent some  gold bars your way. I'm afraid that that's as much as we can do.

    Thanks for being there for so many days in a row, I hope we get to have you with us for many many more!

  • DaggicrDaggicr Posts: 2
    Dear Foley and Xarly,

    thank you for the warm welcome, i played on an IPAD 2 and now on an IPad Air 3gen. It is not Restoreable? This Streak was very important for me, it was not for the rewards themself, instead to keep the streak going on, was the thing that kept me playing. 

    Thank you for your time :)
  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 7,056 Superstar
    Hi again @Daggicr - I’m so sorry to say this but it is not. As @Xarly mentioned the streaks are stored in your personal device not a server so it can’t be reset ☹️

    I understand your disappointment as I had an 800+ day streak interrupted just last month and have had to start over. I hope you continue to keep crushing it!

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