Still cannot make purchases on Candy Crush

I really am disappointed that despite my several complaints to King, that it is now over 9 months & I am still getting the problem related to my previous post, which is that I have been unable to make purchases on Candy Crush since January 1st this year.
First let me say that I went thru the problem with a very nice & wonderful person at King who honestly did his best at trying to assist. But unfortunately the problem was not solved.
At this time, I  have absolutely no gold bars & no boosters as I am unable to purchase any, and it is really frustrating when I have been playing a hard or nightmare level for days & am finally one move away from winning & would love a hammer or switch to complete the level but am unable to purchase one.

The problem I am experiencing is not with facebook or my browser or my device. It is a problem at their end and I believe that King need to enlist an IT person to solve this problem. But...I have the impression that they are making so much money that one or 2 dissatisfied customers is no big deal. So, if this problem is not fixed soon I will be deleting my account because it really is frustrating & there seem to be no resolution in sight.


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    I'm sorry to hear about this @Jade_Kimone, but if Player Support is unable to solve the particular issue, there is not much we can do from our side as we report back to Player Support for help.

    It's not that King doesn't want to help but in these cases with Facebook, if there isn't a lot player effected, Facebook just will not take the time.

    I noticed you play on Android, what about making purchases through the Google Play Store account? Gold bars do get synced so if you buy though your mobile, you can still use it on Facebook.

    If you happen to have Windows 10 installed on your PC, you can try the game from Microsoft Store and try making purchases from there.

    There are still other options that can be explored 😉 

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  • Jade_KimoneJade_Kimone Posts: 9
    @QueenB . Thank you so much for your kind words.

    I play the game on a Windows 10 PC thru Facebook. I checked with Facebook & they said that the problem is not at their end. This seem to be true because I also play another game thru Facebook & have no problems making purchases on that game. 

    I tried using different OS including Edge, Google, Mozilla, and I even bypassed Facebook altogether & signed on to the King webpage directly. Still no resolution. Am still unable to make any purchases on this game...even tho I can make purchases thru facebook on other games using the same credit card. This means that the issue is not at Facebook or with my credit card. 

    During my last conversation with Player Support, I told them that I believe that the problem is Flash related, but they did not appear to pursue that course of action. 
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  • Jade_KimoneJade_Kimone Posts: 9
    @Pickles123 Why is it naïve?
  • Pickles123Pickles123 Posts: 103 ✭✭
    @Pickles123 Why is it naïve?
    Because the game is developed,in such a way, that the only way to complete levels quickly, is to buy boosters. They incentivise players to pass levels first attempt. You get prizes/extra boosters by passing first time, it is surely naive and dumb, to buy boosters, in order to ‘win’ the very same boosters ?
    Would you buy a £ 5 raffle ticket, if the first prize was £ 5 ?
    Maybe it’s just me, but the game will stay corrupt while Activision are recouping their
     $ 6 billion outlay, thanks to the gullible and naive.
  • Jade_KimoneJade_Kimone Posts: 9
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