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Update on the Bubblegum Hill



  • angelgirl
    angelgirl Posts: 34 Level 2

    I hope it's now clear to everyone that what they referred to as "testing" was actually re-developing the game so it would not provide many rewards and would severely limit the ability to play it.

    I explained many times in this thread that they never expected BGH to be so popular and it hurt their bottom line because of less purchasing through the game. So they are attempting to wean us off it.

    They resorted to lies about it not working, more lies about testing and even more lies about when it would be back. Because what we have back does not in any way resemble the fun game it was. But it wasn't that much fun for them, so it had to go.

    You have shown your hand King that we as players are not important unless we are buying extras to keep us playing.

    We have often been told to "keep it sweet", perhaps you should take your own advice. Because there is absolutely nothing sweet about your response to our love for playing the original BGH.

    Not even a global pandemic could make you sweeter and more giving. You have shown your true colours and sadly it's not the candy colours of the game.

  • 2grandbabies
    2grandbabies Posts: 17 Level 2

    King. We ALL know that you don't care about the people!!! THAT IS THE TRUE FACTS. I am very disappointed in these games... You made it where all most all of us one CANNOT win at BGH and then you cheat us people. SHAME ON YOU.😭. I THINK US PEOPLE should get rid of this game!!!!!!

  • YoshLee44
    YoshLee44 Posts: 102 Level 2

    Looks like they've made it good again then.

    They're probably tuning things. They did something similar in the normal candy crush recently involving episode race. They changed the 10 gold bar prize to stingy boosters, then changed to 20 gold bars, now it's settled on 25 gold bars for 1st place.

    Also got a decent amount myself from BGH last night.

  • angelgirl
    angelgirl Posts: 34 Level 2

    But that is only IF you can get to play!!!! The stupid energy does not replenish and the amount it costs to play is totally unacceptable!!!

  • Chakra
    Chakra Posts: 189 Level 3

    Spent 25 gold bars twice to play two 7 and 4 gold bars ...didn't want yo spend anymore and waited for 20hours for full energy..used couple of boosters to finish 4th level...what I've got in return is 1 gold it need to continue playing BGH or am I missing something???

  • tmwallace
    tmwallace Posts: 76 Pro Player 👑

    So I just figured out that if you win energy from The Noble Path it doesn’t roll over to the next day. I won 75 yesterday and it was gone today. So I need 100 to play. I won 25 today. So I could have played again if I still had the 75 from yesterday. And you can’t buy any less than 100 energy which costs 25 bars. So you can’t save energy you win to play. Only if you win them all in one day which is impossible if you have no more new levels. So frustrating!!

  • Chakra
    Chakra Posts: 189 Level 3

    I spent four times on gold bars...100 of them to playvand got only some 10 or 12 in return...the last time got just 1 gold bar for 25 I've spent...what's the use of playing BGH...anyone????

  • Chakra
    Chakra Posts: 189 Level 3

    Got BGH again today after waiting for 24 hrs and 100 energy......5 levels this time...completed all levels and got boosters...dethroned after a minute and got 1 gold bar.....SORRY I'm not using anymore gold bars to buy energy...enough of this life is much happier without BGH I'm done with this...thank you

  • Ditte
    Ditte Posts: 464 Level 3

    Now 3 colourbombs and -balls instead of 2. But still just one lolly😕. Completed MTF 3 times today, but all 3 times the prize was a wrap and lives. Not useful to me at all! Same with the arcade, where I also mostly got wraps and none of the good stuff (hands, lollies).

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