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( FINISHED) 👟 Soda Athletics: The highest score on level 451 wins!

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Hello Soda Crushers!

Are you Candy Crush Soda fit?

Show us here in the first Soda Community Games!

So much Soda playing must pay off 😉


The first of our competitions is inspired by those amazing races we can see during the Olympic Games: the 100 meter dash, the 500 meter dash...so powerful, so exciting!

In this case, you’ll be running a very Sodalicious race: the level 451 meter dash! 

Who gets the highest score in this fun level?

Scroll back (using the Portal feature), post a screenshot of the score you get on level 451 and win the Gold Medal in this category! 


  • You can post several screenshots, the highest score will count
  • You decide if you want to use Boosters or not
  • You have time from now until the 12th of August 2020, 13.00 CET
  • General Terms and Conditions can be found HERE


  • exclusive badge for all participants !
  • 🥇Gold Medal: 50 Gold Bars + exclusive winner badge !
  • 🥈Silver Medal: 30 Gold Bars
  • 🥉Bronze Medal: 20 Gold Bars

May the best win!



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