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Happy to see Kimmy's Quest (3 missions challenge)

Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 2,027 Game Expert
edited November 2020 in Discussions

I thought to make a thread about it since I didn't find anything in the community. Plus, I have the messages set in English this time 😉 for this very occasion

Anyway, Kimmy's quest is basically Yeti's Challenge from CCS except there are more than 3 boosters to win at the end

I'm happy something new appeared in the game but I kinda miss the challenges where I could win gb 🤣

"Complete 1 task per day over the next 3 days to win a big bundle of boosters at the end of the quest"

"Day 1 of 3: pass 6 levels"

"Day 2 of 3: pass 3 hard levels"

"Day 3 of 3: create 3 golden pins"



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