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I had to put candy crush soda on again in my tablet.i logged in with the new candy crush soda and i

fionagfionag Posts: 2 Newbie

I had to download candy crush soda again on my tablet as it wasnt working right and i logged in again and insfead of round 1780 odds i was put on to round 400.pleasecouldu fix this for me.


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  • GreymaneGreymane Posts: 2,899 Legend

    Hiya there @fionag i hope you logged on to the correct account. Could you log out, clear cache, restart the device and log in back again?..

    Also if the problem is still there you could show us your game ID so the CMs can help?

    👻You doing great, dont stress, keep hydrated!👻

  • ipeteipete Posts: 1,885 Legend

    You may want to play a level or two. Hopefully the game will sync. If not, you want to contest player support. Following the link provided above by @Marriam1

    No BGH 🔪 💔

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