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(FINISHED)⛄️ ❄️ Winter is coming to Candy Town! Win 30 Gold Bars!

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Hello Sodalicious people!

Kimmy is getting ready for the new season and wants to celebrate it with a box of surprises and decorations 
But first, we want to know.. What would you like her to bring to the game? 

Vote for your favorite from the options below! 5 random players will win 30 GB! 
Note: You can only vote for one favourite but If you'd like to vote on more than one, mention them in the comments below!
Register HERE to vote!

You have until the 10th of Dec to vote!

Terms and conditions can be found  here. 

Have fun and remember.. May the Community be with you! 🚀

(FINISHED)⛄️ ❄️ Winter is coming to Candy Town! Win 30 Gold Bars! 2929 votes

Winter theme: Snowy Candy Town with Fireworks
_Elsa_SpencermommySara_Highmanpatinfnttwinklebell_Alexandra_TangGlenn1972SpinnifixRoesslein_35Adobbins82Onnie57LunellabeanDaystarDiBuddyzee5evaMmolina83kathyarias56Buggocalagirljbmv22marisse 654 votes
Winter event with Sodalicious rewards
ShazzprringobatkinJo_HounsomeBLMONCRIEFMeemawSharon_LooseFraustoGinger_BardHeadlesstasha541Shelia7974alane3Bonnie_StubbsLee_Ann_TolerKMcDChristen_BurtonRabbitz12238JoJo_GozyWerner_CichyLydia_Harris 2146 votes
Special Winter sales bundle
Steve_EpsteinLisa_Bozierandrealolaisugee[Deleted User]suzekitKENTFIELDERAlicja111La Leypitufa78Poutsyandreviscardijreeves516beebee918BarkadElezabethtmcox1978NurseJAThblossPati_81 128 votes


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