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(FINISHED)🥤Achieve a Rounded Score by Beating my level 🌟

PummyRaj Posts: 20,443 Farm Moderator
edited April 2021 in Contests

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Hello dear Soda Crushers 🤗 Hope you all are doing great!

I am here to run a contest that might interest you all! This is a score 👇️ I have achieved in one of the levels.

Challenge 🙌

You have to "beat my score" AND "achieve a Round score” just like mine 😎

You can play any level you want to

Example for the score: 170,000 or 300,000 or 950,000, 500,000, etc.,


Your scores cannot contain more than 2 Natural numbers (1 - 9) and must have four or more 0's;

The zeros must follow the Natural numbers like I have shown in above example. Scores like 200,200 or 200,020 will not be counted;

You are allowed to post up to 5 times;

Prizes 🏆️

5 winners will be chosen randomly and given 30 Gold Bars each


You have until 13:00 CET on 12th of April, 2021

These are the "Terms & Conditions" to follow to participate in the King Community Contests

Are you all ready? 📢 🏁 📢 Ready, Set, Go..........



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