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[Ended]- Smoothie Day 🍇

Yosca Posts: 14,804 Soda Moderator
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Hello Soda crushers 🥤

We know you love Soda but how about Smoothies 😋

I sure do love it and my fav smoothie is with lots of fruit 🍇🍓🍊🍒🍐🍍the more the better. I know with vegetables is muuuuch healthier, but hey you can be a little crazy every now and then; so just take it and enjoy 😎


Tell us what is your favorite smoothie; maybe you have a recipe 😋 or you have a pic of your fav smoothieShare it with us and find this yumyum badge in your profile.

@bearwithme and I were creating this smoothie badge, and when she had finished it, we both wanted a smoothie!

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