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Season May is here in two different versions, 🌪 Storm 🌪 and 🧽 Mischief 🧽. Find out which story you have HERE
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🌪 🧽 Season May, Storm and Mischief - Find out which season you have here!

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Hello everyone! 👋

This May Season will be a bit different! Some players will receive the new 🌪 Storm Season 🌪 and some players will receive a rerun of 🧽 Mischief Season 🧽 which will have two different versions.

So what is 🌪 Storm Season?

We need to fix the weather! Kimmy is still dealing with the bubblegum in Candy Town, trying to harness the power in the candies to clean it up. But something goes wrong and a menacing rift opens up in the sky. Every time Kimmy tries to fix it, it seems to mess up the weather. The Town Square changes from snowy to spring, to autumn and summer… Whatever this is, we better close it quick!

For more information on Storm Season go HERE

And what is 🧽 Mischief Season?

Bubblegum Troll has staged a distraction in Candy Town- he’s gummed up the town and trapped the bears! Will Kimmy be able to free them in time? What is that tricky Troll up to now?

For more information on Mischief Season go HERE

Which Candy Crush Soda Saga season do I have?

Does your game look like this? 👇 👇 👇 Then you have Storm Season - read more information HERE


Does your game look like this? 👇 👇 👇 Then you have Mischief Season - read more information HERE

If you need any help in figuring it out or have any feedback for us, please comment in this thread and we'll help out! 🌸



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