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  • smilingeileen2
    smilingeileen2 Posts: 27 Level 2
    edited June 2023

    Hi @FluffyDinosaur I've played this game for a long time and loved it "past tense" I've spent money on the game in the past too but I don't any more as there are no goals for me to achieve. I'm on level 9042, but since January 2023 when there were technical difficulties for a number of days I lost the episode race and its never come back. I know that not everyone gets to have the race "but" I always had it from the start, even when there were technical difficulties in the past. So why not now? I also lost some parts of the 4 weekly event and had to uninstall then re-install the game regularly each week to get it back, but even then it wasn't working properly. I have a great Internet connection, a decent android device, fully updated game and have tried "all" troubleshooting tips, tricks etc. I'm about to give up the game because there are literally no goals for me to complete apart from passing levels. Sadly I find the game boring "for me" personally as there's nothing much to do apart from passing the levels. Sorry but that's the way I feel. I'm playing more on other games now rather than on soda saga. It's sad because I loved it.

  • _WillowNightstaff_
    _WillowNightstaff_ Posts: 15 Level 2

    This doesn't really answer those questions asked, but here is what I think should be improved:

    Better customer support.

    Make Weekly Contest have its own little icon like in Candy Crush Saga so we can access it at all times, not just after we attempt a level.

    Make the Soda Race have the same rewards as the Episode Race in Candy Crush Saga. Soda Saga gives you fewer gold bars.

    Add new features for Teams, not just Bake a Cake.

    This is a bit of a stretch, but in theory sounds pretty cool:

    While an effect is going on, for example an explosive candy, color or candy bomb, you can still match candies since while those effects are happening you can't. It would allow for more freedom in gameplay.

  • _WillowNightstaff_
    _WillowNightstaff_ Posts: 15 Level 2

    Ah, also, when you have infinite boosters that are on a timer, you should make the timer pause when we're not using the game. After all, we can't always sit down for 2 hours at a time to make the most of the booster, it's stressful knowing you're busy but your well earned booster is bring wasted since you don't have time to play at the moment.

  • Pamjams
    Pamjams Posts: 4 Newbie


  • LauraBelle13
    LauraBelle13 Posts: 3 Newbie

    After collecting any rewards, I usually check the 4 in a row first.

    If I win the first time playing a level great, but I don’t really care. I just keep trying to win it.

    If there are too many pop ups it get really annoying when you a just trying to complete a task.

    Completion of a task like in 4 in a Row

    The things that’s annoying me right now is the activities grouping. It adds extra clicks to get to and see the progress on things like 4 in a Row.

  • _WillowNightstaff_
    _WillowNightstaff_ Posts: 15 Level 2

    @Pamjams they do have that option, go to 'Accessibility'.

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 11,927 Friends Moderator

    My answers:

    (1) When you open the game, is there any specific routine you like to follow?

    • I first collect my daily reward and then open the 4-in-a-row event. I enjoy these two features because I can replay old levels and earn free boosters, although it is frustrating to share a board with players who choose a tile and never complete it, thereby blocking others from completing a row or column. I prefer boosters that are not timed so I can keep them in my inventory and use them when I choose.
    • I love the Bake-a-Cake feature, so, I check the "Teams" icon whenever it signals a new message.. I am on an active team and win most of my boosters from this event. I am also eager to help my teammates when they are out of lives.
    • The Gumball Goodies is another fun way to win a booster, so I check to see if it is available. But again I prefer boosters that are not timed.
    • I always want to know if another player needs more lives.

    (2) How important is it for you to get a golden pin by beating a level on the first try?

    • Golden pins are not meaningful for me. Similarly, golden tickets are not meaningful because I do not make purchases in the game.

    (3) Is there any particular pop up you pay extra attention to and why?

    • My Daily Reward

    (4) What is important for you to know after you’ve won or lost a level?

    • I like to know my score and the number of stars I earned. I do not care where I stand in the high-score list.
    • I am sometimes interested in where I stand in the weekly race; even though I do not play frequently enough to win the race. I often stay at the bottom of the list for extended periods because I replay old levels for participation in Community events.
    • I like to know where I stand in competitions that require collecting specific candies, even though I rarely win. But I only need an update when my status changes.

    (5) What in the game do you find most irrelevant and would like to remove?

    • Some of the events like Rescue Buddies and Kimmy's Arcade

  • _WillowNightstaff_
    _WillowNightstaff_ Posts: 15 Level 2

    Kimmy's Arcade is very difficult to win unless you spend a lot of gold bars in buying a new super ticket. I've played it enough to know which ticket I need to beat certain levels but often the ticket I need isn't there, leaving me with tickets the aren't good enough or ones that ate too strong, being wasted on an easier level. I get the idea of randomizing the tickets but it's too expensive. It's also only up briefly and you cam only play for free twice every 24 hours, so that's a lot of wasted chances to win. Out of the dozens of times I've played, I've only won twice, and that was the very first time I played it.

  • Psalmson_Mayaki
    Psalmson_Mayaki Posts: 4 Newbie

    I love the Game so much, the only irrelevant thing about the game is when you get that 8 tickets, the time it takes to show the offers is slow.

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