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  • _WillowNightstaff_
    _WillowNightstaff_ Posts: 15 Level 2

    @smilingeileen2 try posting this in the help center of the community, I had some similar wacky problems as well and FluffyDinosaur got back to me quickly. Apparently other players had the same issues I did and it was resolved. My game seems to have gone back to normal since I reported it. Give it a try and see if it can be resolved <3

  • Leebklyn72
    Leebklyn72 Posts: 2 Newbie
    • When you open the game, is there any specific routine you like to follow? No
    • How important is it for you to get a golden pin by beating a level on the first try? Not super important
    • Is there any particular pop up you pay extra attention to and why? No
    • What is important for you to know after you’ve won or lost a level? If I have powerups
    • What in the game do you find most irrelevant and would like to remove

  • Ktripp7
    Ktripp7 Posts: 10 Level 2
    1. Make sure I get my welcome back reward LOVE THE FISH and lives. check my boats to make sure they are still floating, see where my team is at for baking the cake, play kimmies arcade if it’s the weekend
    2. dont care too much about the gold pin but don’t really want it to go away either.
    3. actually there are too many pop ups when you do anything. You can’t just click, you have to do a confirmation click and if you’re in several competitions you spend more time accepting challenges or getting popups from each one than you do actually playing them “kimmies .. do you want to play?” Click “help her get …” click “then you can …” click “are you ready to …” click
    4. how Many people won or lost the level on the first try and where my score stands compared to others
    5. Bear brawl is my least favorite game, it takes too many points and there is no payoff. The most unimportant game is pick a tile and get 4 in a row because the prizes aren’t great and the popups about all rewards and reminders to pick tiles are more annoying than the prize is worth OR collect the candies. Collecting candies has a potential to be good but the period of time is too long and the prizes aren’t worth it.
  • jobrady2007
    jobrady2007 Posts: 2 Newbie

    1. When you open up the game is there any specific routine you would like to follow?

    A: I wish I had more control over where I had to go. I get frustrated that it takes me directly to the special gift of the day. Because I get it for only a certain amount of time yet I have to go through many pages of what's available what's coming up and that's time ticking away from my special you know Candy bomb or fish or whatever it is for the day so I wish I could do that last and then scroll through all the other pages first. So really there's no choice in when you first go into the game after that yeah I feel like I'm kind of obligated to start playing right away. But I always like to go in and check the tic-tac-toe board that's one of my favorites.

    2. How important is it for you to get a golden pen by beating a level on the first try?

    A: oh I love that that makes me feel like I'm smart LOL but really truly I love beating a level on the first try however sometimes I get the feeling that unless I spend money I can't win a level and some days I don't have money when I do have money oh I love to have those extra super powers.

    3. Is there any special pop you pay attention to and why?

    A: I'm 62 years old and I don't understand this question sorry.

    4. What is important for you to know after you have won or lost a level?

    A: I like the way you guys have it right now set up where I know where I'm standing in all the contests.

    5. What in the game do you find most irritating and would like to have removed?

    A: oh my gosh I hate the chocolate boards the white chocolate and the black chocolate oh just the driving nuts I dread them when I see them.

    I have played all of your games and my favorite is the soda that's the only one I play anymore I really do enjoy it I don't mind spending money on it however I don't understand why your price is going to be so high if you lower the prices people would be able to spend more money you would actually end up making more money because if I had a bunch of things that were 99 cents I'd be hitting that all day long I'd probably end up spending 20 bucks.

    Thank you for all your hard work I do enjoy your games and kudos to you guys for doing this.

    And thank you for this forum in which we could communicate with the developers.

  • DagVaar123
    DagVaar123 Posts: 2 Newbie


    -Routine: Every days' 1/2 hour free play and hour free booster. The message: "Miss a day and you will have to start over" means absolutely nothing. The booster routine is monotonous: Every 3 days: Colour Bomb, Colouring Candy, Red & Yellow fish. The 1/2 hour free play is fine. You should consider rewards for continuous play every 30 days! I have now played 205 days in a row with no reward! It takes some doing to not miss a day. And definitely eliminate the twin fish! They are useless.

    -Golden Pin: What is the value/point? This also means nothing as there is no reward as such.

    -Pop-Ups: The Arcade pop-up could be fun if "winnings" are longer than 10 minutes and you don't "loose" after the 2nd round - without having to make a purchase, of course. The Challenge pop-up is fun, although here also, the rewards can be longer than 10/15 minutes.

    -Win/Lose a Game: It is clear to me that you move to the next level if you win. But, I am of the opinion that after 100 or so tries, the level should move up, regardless. I have played a level for a week, used all my boosters, etc. I was going mad and it was no fun at all, just annoying. Perhaps move up only 1/2 a level if you have not succeeded after the umpteenth time. Or start giving hints as to how to win the level after x-amount of tries. Which brings me to the Gold Bars: they are great but "paying" 10 Gold Bars to get extra moves, is too "expensive", honestly. 5 Golden Bars, perhaps.

    -Irrelevant: The Twin Fish. You should consider eliminating them from all King Games and replace with a useful booster. Or improve their function.

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.



  • cjlondon
    cjlondon Posts: 10 Level 2
    1. I play the same routine - check 4 in a row then look for pop ups
    2. I don’t even know what the pins are for or how to find them
    3. it’s important to know where I am in the weekly contest
    4. where to start? I miss the old challenges of the mountain etc where you could win more boosters. I hate the free the bear currently running because the other player in the quick match never seems to add any and the rewards are puny. I feel King has gotten greedy and reduced the number of good ways to earn boosters and bars. I used to spend quite a bit of money on this game but am now spending less and will continue to reduce my spend and play other games. I used to play Saga but it is now too hard and too boring
  • Petra5
    Petra5 Posts: 3 Newbie

    I have been playing since 2012. I currently finished level 11755. There are several things I find annoying. You have to wait for "baking cakes" to get new levels, and there aren't enough. That means I complete those new levels in 1-2 days and then I have to wait until that event is over to get new levels. You have these contests to get rewards, but once you come to the can no longer get any of the possible rewards until more levels post. I play that same level over every day until new levels post so I can at least get my daily reward and work on the Quests. I wish you would add more levels. Thank you!!!

  • SunnyGF
    SunnyGF Posts: 18 Level 2

    None of these questions matter because with the new update that takes away your ability to store and receive multiple lives from friends I will probably be deleting the game. It’s just a money grab…everything that is wrong with the world. I’m sure you will find that you are losing many players due to this silly move.

    DAKOTADZ Posts: 23 Level 2

    I pay a lot of monney in the Last few years for this game and now you destroyed everything with your Last changes !!! I'm in rage !!!🤬🤬🤬 What I will suppose to do with 1-2 hours of gift with a ridiculous 3 minutes of lifes ????? Wow, Really ???

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