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New Update - lives. Like or Hate

ShirleySparkes Posts: 25 Pro Player 👑

Now that you can only request 1 life at a time via social hub, which is obviously geared to make us spend more money - is it liked or hated? I'm personally leaving the game after 10 years because of this Update. I've spent enough and this is just a damn cheek from King.

New Update - lives. Like or Hate 84 votes

Do you like the new lives update?
Jomam_MamakemvinylCSS1477irene46 4 votes
Do you hate the new lives update?
Myhocorals22funlady2000_2000milabecaJilybean74maj003GailDallaspw88Adavseccee1nana2sevenVuck1970DAGWoods7mahjonggerShore64md50322yvettes1004DiduXDsteventsengtassieness 36 votes
Has the new update ruined the game?
kellythackerManfred33hhbbKerrieKalindiminnajDusnnCourtney1990shelleyl1nonlyTheWallySugarboogahShagpike72Thumper707mamadukes13kllg2canuckbabeRedjeepYnkeecajunShirleySparkes 44 votes


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