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Where is Customer Support?

iamleace Posts: 25 Level 2
edited September 2021 in Support

I have sent a total of 4 separate messages to Customer support via the Contact Us option regarding several issues.

In the past, I have received good service by not only being responded to, but having my issue quickly resolved.

I just don't understand why now, after multiple attempts to try to get help, I still have not received a single response.

If I weren't a paying customer, I would shrug it off, but I actually have spent (more than I should have ) money in this game.

I even included both my email addys in my last message thinking that perhaps they've responded to an incorrect addy.

Can someone PLEASE help me?

Both my emails:

Edited by CM:⛔️That’s too much personal information - Check our House Rules

I apologize for my repeated requests for help. I just really would love to get some support with my issues (that do involve $ spent on purchases).


Lissa Bruce

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  • simplyP
    simplyP Posts: 11,786 Level 5
    Answer ✓

    Hello @iamleace normally you get an generic response from them that they received your email. Have you check your junk/spam folder?

  • iamleace
    iamleace Posts: 25 Level 2

    Oh My Gawd! I feel like an idiot!!!

    I just checked my Spam folder now and Bazinga: a whack of emails from customer support.

    This never happened before so while I'm not sure it suddenly started filtering Candy Crush emails, I still should have known better to at least Check.

    Their Customer Support crew has always been prompt, polite and efficient and resolve my issues in a positive way, so I was just puzzled as to why I wasn't hearing back now. It was like "did I say something that upset them? Why are they ghosting me *sob* 😭 ha ha.

    Thank-you for your reply.


  • simplyP
    simplyP Posts: 11,786 Level 5

    Hehe You are welcome 😁

    Or, is there? 🤔🤣🤣

  • daydreamblue
    daydreamblue Posts: 4 Newbie

    Just wondering what happened to the videos that give you a chance for extra moves? They just all of a sudden stopped. All they want me to do is spend money.

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