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  • Sherri_Bouknight
    Sherri_Bouknight Posts: 36 Level 2
    I am playing the game on my apple iOS iPad and my King Game ID is 10213525159667705.  Beth is the first tech advisor to help me and 7767225 is the case number. I had just purchased $149.99 package and realized there were no more levels to play. This is a timed situation so I was watching $149.99 tick off the clock without being able to play. Beth advised me to engage a green Contact Us button within the game and write back to her. The second I did that I was taken from Level 2921 to Level 1 and from 11,066 gold bars to 50 gold bars along with losing all my boosters and daily bonuses. After working on this for a WEEK with Andrea-don’t know what happened to Beth, I have my level progression and gold bars back. However, instead of being on Day 305 for Daily Bonus, I am at Day 5 and still don’t have my boosters back. Plus I had to purchase another $149.99 package this weekend because the one I bought immediately prior to this debacle ran out without ever getting to use it. I know I had at least 1400 pink lollipops before the crash and 56 now. I’m sorry to be so verbose but I’m tired of talking about this and wanted you to have the story from start to finish. I’m very disappointed that I haven’t been reimbursed anything for my trouble. I have spent $300 in one weekend and am a loyal player. I don’t do the boards much so I apologize for my ignorance there but am still quite discouraged.
  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 20,351 Farm Moderator
    Hello @Sherri_Bouknight, Good Morning :)

    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!  You do not have to be sorry at all... Actually, it is great that you have taken time and explained all of this.  I am going to tag one of our Community Manager @Xarly to help with your issue.  Since, we have all the details, they will be able to help you in best way possible.

    Hoping for the Best!  Have a great day/evening :+1:
  • Xarly
    Xarly Posts: 2,499 Community Manager
    Hi @Sherri_Bouknight ,

    I have followed your case with our team of Player Support and you are having the assistance needed from their side. Therefore, this is already being taken care of by them (which are the ones to tackle issues with purchases like yours) and I'm sure you will get the support needed.

    There is not much more we can do here in the forum, as this is an issue that needs to be handled privately by our Player Support team.

  • Chelsea_swin7
    Chelsea_swin7 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Hi @Michael_B._Smith,

    I am writing to you as I suspect you are a support worker for Candy Crush due to how you've helped other people in the comments above. 
    I have had an issue recently with Candy Crush by making a purchase accidentally due to spamming my phone and having gold in my inventory.
    I was spamming my phone trying to close everything and accidentally purchased "Lucky Bean" with 10 gold but instantly clicked out of it thinking the Gold would be refunded back to me because I didn't use it.  
    I felt very annoyed and taken advantage of because I didn't want to spend my gold on that, I was trying to save my gold.
    I'm a dedicated Candy Crush player and have well completed over 2000 levels through years of game time.
    I wasn't even able to keep my purchase. I tried clicking back on it but it wanted me to purchase it again!
    I feel very upset and irritated with Candy Crush that theirs no coding in place where it realises the purchase wasn't used and is instantly refunded especially when it's with gold currency transaction. I'm so sick of accidentally purchasing other stuff but this one in particular annoyed me because I wasn't able to even use it. I just want 10 gold back because I've spent so much time playing and feel absolutely devasted.
    Please respond to my email thanks. [email protected]


    Chelsea Swinburne

  • dee183
    dee183 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Can you make it so you get the dynamic duo prize when it's earned and not when you go out to the levels menu? Or at least be able to close it and not claim it till you're ready? Every time I've gotten it is when I'm out of lives and back out to the levels menu to quit, and it gives it to me automatically. It's usually a timed booster which I can't enjoy and use because the timer runs out by the time I get more lives. 
  • LynnD1409
    LynnD1409 Posts: 1 Newbie
    I have client who want to run their ads in the game (reward video type). I can not find any one or agency here to contact in Vietnam. Is there anyone here who can support me with this?
  • VickiWiant
    VickiWiant Posts: 3 Newbie

    I just purchased gold bars ($1.99) and the game locked up and I wasn't able to finish my game. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me fairly recently. I tell myself NOT TO BUY gold bars to finish a level but......I've been on this level forever. Please help. :-(

  • BrendaHall
    BrendaHall Posts: 3 Newbie

    How can I get back on level 475 instead of 50

  • VickiWiant
    VickiWiant Posts: 3 Newbie

    OMG, it just happened AGAIN. STILL on level 2248. I just had 1 more move...I could SEE it. So, I paid my $1.99 for extra gold bars so I could finish this level. It worked (I thought), I got my extra moves, finished the level and "We're experiencing problems". I crossed my fingers but no, STILL on level 2248. :-/ This is twice in 2 days!!!!!

  • Susanlb10
    Susanlb10 Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited March 2022

    Today, in addition to other problems with Candy Crush Soda Saga, I went back online to the game, and there was an offer for 100 gold bars and 10 x lollypops for $4.99, because I had reached game 500. Stupid me, I bought it. I had the money with drawn by Microsoft Store but nothing ever arrived. At what point will you help me. Something is wrong somewhere.

    Susan Blatz, *

    *Edited by CM:⛔️ That’s too much personal information. For your own safety and protection, do not share your email address/phone number - Our House Rules

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