Can someone assist me, please? (BGH)

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Hello, everyone! I won Bubblegum Hill and was sitting on the throne for about an hour when I was dethroned. I never got a notification that I had received any gold bars for my time, and unfortunately I can not remember how many I had prior to winning! :blush: Could someone please look into my log and find out if I was rewarded the gold and how many bars I received, if any? It would really set my mind at ease! My User ID is:
Thank you!

Update: After taking the throne for a second time today, I received a total of 5 gold bars. I can not tell if these 5 bars have anything to do with my previous run or not. I was on the throne for a considerably shorter amount of time.

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    Hi @BeckyBubblegum !

    Always glad to see you around, hope you are surviving the heat well! (Here in Barcelona it definitely is a struggle right now 😨).

    I've checked your account (thanks for providing the ID from the get-go!) and indeed the 5 Gold Bars come from that combination. I hope this helps your peace of mind!

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