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New Booster: Supersonic Lolly



  • susanm9090susanm9090 Posts: 88 Level 3

    Me too. It’s just one of those things like Batula’s key that you just learn to ignore because you aren’t ever going to get it so it becomes more of an irritant than an incentive to play.

  • leafcrushleafcrush Posts: 12 Level 2

    Definitely agree on that. They key is too far and too short of time when you are on a super hard level. Hoping they fix the Lolly though. It was really nice on super hard levels.

  • tallieclaypooltallieclaypool Posts: 13 Level 2

    Do specific moves or points make the pieces available or is it random? I end up losing the pieces because I cannot build the full lollipop.

  • dschabbardschabbar Posts: 37 Level 2
    edited May 29

    Ich weiß nicht warum die ganzen Fehler wie der S:S:Lolly ,Kgh und die Verbindung Probleme nicht behoben werden???

    Entschuldigen sie bitte.Ich weiß nicht wie ich auf die Deutsche bzw internationale Seite komme.Ich habe ein Augenleiden und dadurch nicht den nötigen Überblck.Alles muss ich mit einer Lupe überblicken.Es währe Freundlich von Ihnen wenn,sollte ich auf der internationalen Seite binn Sie ein Übersetzungsprogramm benutzen.Ich habe es versucht aber nichtverwenden können.Dazu kenne ich mich nicht genug mit PC anwendungen aus.

    mir wurde schon vor 2 Wochen gesagt das das Problem repariert .Ich hatte auch gefragt was denn mit dem BgH Kaugumie Hügel los ist.Gleiche Antwort in Reparatur.Bedauerlicher weiße ist in der Zwischenzeit nichts passiert.

    Die haben sich bestimmt den Corona Virus eingefangen und sind alle Krank.

  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 1,492 Community Manager

    Hello everyone!

    @Fabian23Vega and @dschabbar we speak English in this Community since we have players across the world. We would love to hear your suggestions and feedback if you can post them in English ( you can always use tools such as Google Translator). If you want, though, to use Spanish or German, please go to our International Corner here

    @leafcrush you are not doing anything wrong and @tallieclaypool it's totally random.

    Supersonic Lolly is a powerful booster really hard to get. We are gathering all the feedback and suggestions to pass them to the Studio, so please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

    Have a Sodalicious Monday! 🤗

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 7,051 Game Expert


    You always commute in the pages once in German in the German area and here outside of the German area with German. I've told you a few times. The lollipop will be fixed. If you took a translator, you could understand a lot better. If you don't want to speak English, please stay in the German area and I'll answer everything in German. Are you okay with that?

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    A look at my profile would help everyone! 

     Did you know that there is now an international area for German - French and Spanish?    

  • ThmoThmo Posts: 25 Level 2

    I logged in to see if there were anyone else having this problem... So I see, I'm not alone.

    In the beginning of Lollistick I got the pieces regularly and could make it full. Now, and for several of weeks back, I get just one (1) piece and that's it. Then I run out of time,that piece goes away and a few days later I get a new chance to collect the pieces. But just one piece comes along again... And disappears before I could get more...

  • mattbondymattbondy Posts: 147 Level 3

    Ok....I think this thread is starting to get too long and too old.... time to either to get oir thoughts to the team to fix or leave the feature on or take it away.... their are no positive writings about this feature EXCEPT when it FIRST came out at start of pandemic and Easter....it did work for a couple days for all that could see and use and had it... after that and till now the feature does bot work does not work.... mine has 1 pie in it and stuck their.... never have seen another pie piece come up at all...

  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 1,492 Community Manager

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the feedback @Thmo . Would you like to make a suggestion?

    We are always keen to listen to your thoughts and pass it to the Studio. Help us make this game even more enjoyable! 🤗

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  • ThmoThmo Posts: 25 Level 2

    @LadyRaffie Hi. Sorry no, have no suggestions about this at the moment, other than it worked much better in the beginning when it was just released. Then the pieces came regularly so you had a chance to fill the whole lollistick

  • jayteedyjayteedy Posts: 18 Level 2

    While BGH is out, I guess the S Lolly (3 pieces) should appear more frequently across each episode to induce more fun 😊

    or add gold bar awards to Kimmy’s Arcade 😊😊

    happy days!

  • Origins7_DaleOrigins7_Dale Posts: 531 Level 4

    Hi Group & @Yosca & @LadyRaffie,

    Ok, here is more info on the elusive "Supersonic Lolly".

    Supersonic Lolly 1 Drop in 30 Levels Level 4936 - But Again Screen Moved This Time Down - Candy Crush Soda Saga - Origins7 Dale

    The above is from last weeks 30 levels release. Only 1 drop in 30 levels, but this time the screen moved down. See those 4 Liquorice Wheels or Licorice Swirl Blocker Icons at the top? At the top left, the 1st Licorice Swirl Icon, above it is where "Lolly" is at. Now I really didn't want to do this, but for testing purposes only, I used a "Popsicle Hammer", on the purple candy below it. To see if "Lolly", might drop. Nope, a Licorice Swirl Blocker came down, as advertised. So wasted a booster. You may be asking, why didn't you just use the 3rd purple candy on the right, by pushing it up, to find out? Because, I didn't want a bunch of blockers coming down, on my board. This way it was a safer test. Also, even tho the icons are for blockers, sometimes you get a candy, or even something else. It depends on the algorithm, that is being used, along with your "Move Ratio".

    Below are 2 Drops of "Lolly", for this weeks 5/29/2020, 30 New Levels Release!

    Supersonic Lolly 1st Piece on Level 4959 - Ist Piece On The Left In Icon Tray Candy Crush Soda Saga - Origins7 Dale

    Supersonic Lolly 2nd Piece on Board Level 4973 Candy Crush Soda Saga - Origins7 Dale

    Now from Level 4959 to Level 4973, is a lot of levels, in fact it is 14 Levels. That is too many levels, so lost the 1st piece, then regained it or got the 1st piece back at Level 4973. There are only 2 more levels to go, to reach the end of the game at Level 4975. There were no more drops for "Lolly".

    • Summary

    1st - I am going to combine the last 4 weeks in this, along with, when I first got the "Lolly" booster. When I first got it, it was on a back level, level 451 in fact. Also, this goes back, way beyond the last 4 weeks. Won it 3x in fact, same level. That may be due to, because I am at the end of the game every week. Just a guess on my part. Also play there a lot for other reasons, my team mostly, along with doing "Mr. Toffee's Fair", etc... But since then, there have been repeated inconsistencies on this booster. Whoever or whatever team is now programming, for the last month, these drops for the booster "Lolly", needs to pay more attention, to what you are doing.

    2nd - 2x now the screen has moved on me, on a "Lolly" drop, also there are reports from other players, who had it happen to them. 1x to the left, the other down.

    3rd - Spacing, it makes no sense, to have a drop, then program the 2nd drop, 14 levels later. Along with, never seeing a 3rd drop. You made the rules on this booster, 3 pieces are needed, there is no way to win or get it, with what you are doing now. In fairness, it might very well be the server issues, we have been having. Both in the game, & the King Community itself. After saying that, I can add, I have only had server issues here. Recently, not in the game.

    4th - Myself, along with many other players, have reached the end of the game. We get 30 Levels from you, 1x a week, & that is all. Again, your decision to do so. This doesn't leave us with many options, along with the fact, we are cut out of things like, the "Weekly Contest", just not enough levels to compete in it. The "5 Gold Bar Race", get 1, that's it. Nice of you to give 5 gold bars for reaching certain levels, as a substitute. It is a different game, at the end.

    5th - My point is simple, in 30 levels within the right spacing, you need to give the players "3 Legitimate Drops", in order to win the "Lolly" booster, that you made. Or all the work you put into it, is for naught. I am not going to chase it, my advice to the players is the same, don't chase or change your game strategy over this. Because it is not worth it. Sure it is pretty, but you can only use it 1x only. Better to "Make Candy Bombs & Coloring Candy Boosters", combine them together, they do a good job of clearing up the board. In fact, this combo is the key to the entire game. For the newbies mostly.

    6th - I have made suggestions on this "Lolly" issue, along with how you can increase your "Revenues", on Page 12 of this thread, on 5/15/2020. So no need to repeat it.

    You know The King Community just had 22,000 Newbies added recently. Our resident Legend @Bumper2019 told me, in fact he was the one who did the deliveries. (hehe) You know I am just funning you. So, Welcome To The King Community - Our 22,000 New Members. 😁

    Well, for those of you heading that way, that's 8 Levels she showed up on, in 4 weeks:

    • Level 4867
    • Level 4868
    • Level 4885
    • Level 4892
    • Super Hard Level 4900
    • Level 4936
    • Level 4959
    • Level 4973

    *Note: For those of you, who want more details on what happened on these levels, see my posts at Pages 11 & 12 of this thread!

    Also, the above post / info is on the "Win 10 Pro PC - Desktop App".

    Take Care All - Origins7 Dale, 😀


    Welcome To The King Community 😀

    • Origins7 Dale 😎

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    v1.1800.1.0 Modified 6/29/2020 *Update!

    Candy Crush Soda Saga *Level 5186

    v1.172.400.0 Modified on 7/8/2020 *Update!

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  • YoscaYosca Posts: 1,549 Game Expert

    I can play many levels and see not a single 1piece of the Lolly. And if I happen to find 1 the timer is on, no second piece, so first piece also gone. Since the start of this ‘supersonic lolly’ I may have collect twice a full lolly. I still think it is a great thing, but I don’t care anymore. Finding a piece of the lolly makes me feel sad because I also see the timer going off, and I know I will never complete it. Last week I got 30 new levels and have seen twice a piece of the Lolly. Completed the levels, no third piece so ....puf.... gone 🙁

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  • Magda80Magda80 Posts: 2 New Bee

    I think it is useless unfortunately. I don't like it, because it doesn't appear as often as it should be

  • teresawallace44teresawallace44 Posts: 362 Level 3
    edited May 31

    I’m pass level 3000 but haven’t seen any pieces of the supersonic lolly. When will I start seeing and be able to collect the pieces? @LadyRaffie and @Yosca

    Thank you for the info.

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

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