New Booster: Supersonic Lolly

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There's a new booster in the house: The Supersonic Lolly! 🍭

When can I see the Supersonic Lolly?

While playing a level, you might be given the chance to build a Supersonic Lolly. All you have to do is collect the lolly pieces and craft your way to an awesome supersonic blast.

How do I unlock the Supersonic Lolly?

It's fairly simple! As the image at the very top illustrates, you have to do moves next to each piece to collect all three. Once you've done that, you'll unlock the booster but, be mindful! The Supersonic Lolly is a very powerful booster and, as such, getting all pieces is not always an easy task.

What does the Supersonic Lolly do and when can I use it?

This is one very powerful booster, beware! When you hit a tile of the board, the Lolly will destroy all layers of visible board and spread a certain behaviour on that tile (for instance, jam, if that was the case). You can only use it once, so be mindful. After using it, the Lolly will be empty again and you will have to wait and hope new lolly pieces come to your board for you to collect!

And that's about it! This is a brand new booster so, all feedback is very welcome! We are still at early stages so, if you don't have it yet, please be patient, this is a brand new feature coming to Soda.

Cheers and let us know your thoughts on the Supersonic Lolly below!



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