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Diamond diaries saga

Jgretha1957 Posts: 18 Level 2
edited April 11 in Support

*Edited by CM: Oops! Please repost in English or any available languages so everyone can understand - Our House Rules and more about available languages. 


  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 155,587 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited April 11

    Hello there and It's me again! Welcome back to Sweet King Community again! @Jgretha1957 👋😄

    Yeah! I had also this happen on my several times, I did still playing the level then this game crashed. Then it took me back to the previous levels on this game too. 😢

    Firstly, you make sure update the latest version (Android - 1.76.3 / Apple - of this game, then you try force stop of this game from App Settings and then you use the stable internet connection and reopen playing this game now. Then we hope it takes you back to your latest current level on this game as soon as possible. 🤞😊

    If it's still not worked after you did updated the latest version of this game and try following these steps above, that's very unfortunately and sorry! Because we can only try clearing all of data and also cache of this game that it can taking us back to our latest current level on this game successfully but all of our inventory boosters and lives will be lost. 😔

    So let's try following these another solve steps here 👇

    1. Clear all of the data and also cache of this game on App Settings first.

    2. Reopen playing this game, Click on your Profile then Login back to your Facebook/Kingdom Account and then Can click on Play Button now.

    3. If it still cannot taking you back to your latest current level, you click back to Main Screen of this game again, Click on your Profile again, Click on Log Out then Relogin back to your Facebook/Kingdom Account again.

    4. After log out and relogin back to your account successfully again, then please force stop this game on App Settings first.

    5. After you force stop this game, then make sure use stable internet connection first and reopen playing this game again and can click on Play Button now.

    So we hope it takes you to your latest current level as soon as possible and it's still worked for me my several times possible. 🤞😄

    But that's really unfortunately and sorry as all of our inventory boosters and lives will be lost. 😔

    Anyway, we can only use English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese Languages on King Community right now. Don't worry! You make sure use Google Translate to translate English Language and repost your discussion/question and comments with using English Language on next time. You can also read the House Rules here as it's very important to be read about King Community! Thank you for your understanding! 😊

    If you have any question/problem (s) with Diamond Diaries Saga, please come and don't hesitate to ask your new question/problem (s) on Diamond Diaries Saga Support Community here then I am still happy here to check then help and answer you on Diamond Diaries Support Community again. 😊

    Thank you for continuing to play this game with us. 💎🤗

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    Have a wonderful and sassy day! 💎😄

    I close this thread as this thread has been unsupported language.

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