Make a match in this memory game and win Gold Bars! (Round 1 Finished)

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Hello Diamond hunters! :waving:

Memory card games are a great way of spending the summer days! Remember memory cards - You start off by picking 2 cards to see if they match? Then eventually you have fewer cards to choose from until they are all picked out.ย 

Community edition of memory cards is a little different: Everyone can pick one pair of cards: for example A1 and B3. One pick for person in a round, please :)ย 

One week later I will reveal the matches made on this first round, and then we move onto second round which most likely will have less cards to choose from.ย 

If you get a match you will win the Gold Bars that are displayed on the two cards.ย That will be revealed by the end of the round.ย 

Please note that you can only make one pick of two cards in every round of the game. If you post twice or pick several cards, it's only your first choice that counts.

Also you can't pick the exact same cards that another player has already chosen.ย For example, if a player chose A1 and B2, you cannot make the same choice, but A1 and C3 is ok or B2 and C3.ย 

Comment down below you pick:ย 

This round will run until 31st of July, 13:00 (CET). As always findย Contest Terms and Conditionsย hereย 

Good luck everyone!ย 

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