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How do you feel about the Animal Companions? Thoughts?

QueenBQueenB Posts: 5,880 Community Manager
edited August 2019 in Game Lab

Your opinion matters to us and all your comments will go straight to the team that works on the game. How cool is that? 

Even better, once you have posted your feedback, we will select 10 random feedback who will get 20 Gold Bars in their Farm Heroes Saga game!

The studio would like to know:

Do you use the animal companions when you play your levels?

Which ones do you normally use and why?

Do you collect the companions?

How would you prefer the animals to help you?

What do you think the companions should be able to do for you?


 We will announce the winners on Friday 9th of August at 15.00 CET.

Don't be afraid to be brutally honest, this won't affect your chance of winning Gold bars.

Ready? Let's go!

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  • EggcrackerEggcracker Posts: 191 Level 3
    I use the Producers, they are usually the most useful to me. Then the Hitter if you want chicks or 'scallops/oysters'. Igniter for rockets, but I never use the Breaker. Of course dogs/CCs are always handy, as are the use of an occasional Tractor, when you just need a few crops to win. 
  • Speedy70Speedy70 Posts: 9 New Bee

    my new level 2576 are free in the PC but not in Andriod cell phone Samsung S9 Plus
    Thanks a lot.
    Many greens      B)<3 
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 9,937 Superstar
    I use the growers/producers the most  and then the cleaners or hitters.  I definitely collect them.  I prefer the companions that do something besides produce (i.e. the 90 bean ones) because I like that they can do two things - even though it means collecting more of whatever crop it will produce in order to also get the second benefit. 

    I would like a companion that would move a sheep to the hay.  Sometimes I'm stuck trying to move that last sheep - especially when I have created the hay and it is only one tiny square.  I think it would also be nice to have a companion that would get rid of a spider.  I realize I might need to collect more of the crop (maybe 15 or 20) but it would be worth it.

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  • spiralsspirals Posts: 1 New Bee

    I usually use the companions on the levels, many times because I forget to unclick them. I usually use the ones that can give something other than just produce.  I try and get as many companions as I can, and will replay the companion level till I get the 3 stars.  I wish there were more animal options instead of one special one and the rest regular.  I think the companions do enough what I want without making it too easy. 

  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 12,897 Superstar
    Hey..brutally honest, so apologies in advance. 
    I can remember the life before the companions. The levels seemed a lot fairer. The companions were introduced and the levels all became a lot harder to compensate. 
    I rarely use them. If anything it might be a filler or the manticore, even though its not working as it should be. I honestly do not find them helpful and on some levels, if they only need a few crops, I have managed to pass it without even activating it at all. After many many tries I might activate them and usually only then will the board lay itself out in a better way meaning I can complete it, but not because of the companion help.
    They are a last resort after I have been on the level for weeks. I didn't like the farm club levels, as they got further on they became too hard to win the first star and the only reason I have three stars on them is because I threw so many boosters at the level. It shouldn't have to be  like that. 
    I think if the companions are going to be there, firstly they should all work properly (the manticore has not worked properly since it was released but as its not a priority it could be some time, it opens flowers but does not throw crops) and secondly they should be effective. Some levels have very bad options on them. I can't tell you which now as I didn't keep a note, I just emailed support at the time. 
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  • RegalRenzRegalRenz Posts: 8,479 Game Expert
    I love the companions. The two that I'll always choose when available are the egg cracker companion and the companion that whacks the chickens and the oysters. I like the one that fills the bucket too; that always comes in especially handy during hero mode. 

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  • MbsinkcmoMbsinkcmo Posts: 53 Level 3
    I definitely use them! If a level offers a grower, I always pick that one. I also like the exploders. (sorry, I don't know the proper names/terms for a lot of the game as I just make up my own names!) I have collected them all, so I have a permanent "3" at the bottom of my play screen (on Android), which makes me sad because there's no more challenges that reap big rewards to collect more of the companions. That area seems so neglected, and I think that probably makes the animals sad as well. No animal should be sad! 😊
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 12,096 Superstar
    Hello @QueenB

    "Animal Companions" is my favorite feature in the game!!  Until level # 2000, I was not using them regularly but only in those levels, where I was stuck for weeks!!  But after passing level # 2000, I found it hard to beat those levels and the Companions made my job easy :D     

    "Breakers" are the ones that I found useful and will definitely use them where the board contains lot of webs!  This way, I can concentrate on collecting my Cropsies, whereas the Companion does it's job to move that Spider(s) :D 

    But, I found this same Companion are not much of a use where there are "Snow Balls" present - it doesn't do much good but wasting my 90 Magic Beans!  

    Another useful Companion for me is "Grower" ---> I always use them where I have to grow more than 5 flowers; and also when they are hiding in the corners. 

    My final and 3rd favorite Companion is "Cracker" --->  Recently, I am noticing that we are being asked to collect more than 5 chicks or alligator babies.. that too with 4 steps requirement -- where they are surrounded by grass or hidden in Ice, Cracker is a get resource to beat those levels!  

    Do not use any companions other than these 3 kinds, because, I did not find much use with them!!

    Thank you for asking for our opinion & feedback!  

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  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 5,880 Community Manager
    Loving all the feedback, this is really great!

  • rhamessesrhamesses Posts: 3 New Bee
    I love the animal companions, they're all really cute!
    I'm not that far along in the game, but my favourites so far are the Growers & Producers... I'm starting to get to use the Igniters more, and they're very helpful, too.
    Like one of the previous posters, I always try to go back & get all 3 stars on Companion levels so that I've got as many as possible to help out on the hard levels.
    I'd love to see companions that are able to "hit" spiders or clear more snowballs at a time.
    Thanks for making them so cute & varied!!!
  • OwenOwlOwenOwl Posts: 6 Level 2
    YES!.... I use the animal companions.

    I normally use the breakers/fillers/hitters, if they're offered. They tend to help out the most.

    I collect all if them!

    I think they are great how they are!

    They do a wonderful job already with the task they assist with!
  • HijinxHijinx Posts: 16 Kingster
    This is really great feedback, thank you everyone! Keep it coming :smile:

  • evadennyevadenny Posts: 9 Level 2
    I love the companions they are alot of help i use them all at one point in time but i mainly use. The filler an breakers i don't know wat i would do if i didn't have them.
  • mosi13mosi13 Posts: 46 Level 2
    edited August 2019
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