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How do you feel about the Animal Companions? Thoughts?



  • KattraKattra Posts: 15 Kingster
    Thank you all for taking the time to write to us about the companions! It's all valuable feedback we can take back to our game teams.  :) 
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 5,626 Community Manager
    edited August 2019

    @luanacb I'm sorry but we only use English on the King Community, to make sure that everyone understands and can be understood. 

    Please feel free to re-post your question in English and one of our member will be happy to help you.

     Thanks for your understanding and have a great day 😉

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  • Filly_McBeanFilly_McBean Posts: 87 Level 3
    Yes I use and love them. Wish that we could still collect. I have collected all that were available before being discontinued. How that the quest will be updated as I still receive quests to collect companions but there are none left to collect. 
  • aljones13aljones13 Posts: 4 New Bee

    I use the animal companions on MOST levels.  Lately (I'm on level 2369), I haven't been using them on the Rancid levels because they don't seem to help much.  The "Cleaner" is the least valuable to me, and that seems to be the most available on Rancid.

    My favorite is the Igniter - not only do the fireworks blast, but they can hit the water buckets and the flowers and the chickens and the eggs, and the spiderwebs, AND the oysters, so to me, the Igniter basically does the job of the Filler, Grower, Breaker, and Hitter all at once.  Also, it usually takes 12 to activate, which is less than Growers and Hitters, so it gets more use in each level.

    I used to replay the companion levels while waiting for roadblocks to open so that I could collect more - I think I have all but 2, and I'll probably never get those 2 because of the complexity of the level that they are from.

    The one thing that I REALLY don't like about some of the companions is when I'm on a chicken or alligator level and the Producer throws a new cropsie onto an egg.  There's nothing worse than knowing what your next move is going to be and then an open egg gets covered by a sun!

    I think the only thing companions can't do are help move sheep and help position the bulls in the right place to hit the poppies!  I love them!

  • BabongoBabongo Posts: 64 Level 3
    On a new level, my first question is "which companion is most effective for this screen".   Usually, I test each one and compare results. 
  • BabongoBabongo Posts: 64 Level 3
    BTW, I was disappointed when the new companions were discontinued around level 1035.   They were always my backup plan for the toughest levels.
  • Olivia_LimOlivia_Lim Posts: 206 Level 3

    I love the animals as companion. However, I always lacking of beans, this has forcing me from facing obstacles alone..

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