Making Art Improvements - What are your thoughts?

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The Studio would like to hear your thoughts...

1 -  We have been making Art improvements, replacing old art with new stuff fresh from the oven. How do you guys feel about the visuals and animations in the game recently? 

2 - We have been recently releasing special events to tell little stories inspired by your ideas, like Rancid’s Lair for example, in addition to seasonal events like summer holiday and now Halloween is out!

Where would YOU like us to take you next and what do you want to explore?

3 - We think Rancid is really lonely as the villain! If we were to give him a partner, henchmen, siblings or minions, what do you think it/they should be?

Your comments will go straight to the team that works on the game, so this is your chance to maybe make a difference 😉 

Don't be afraid to be brutally honest with us 😉

Terms and Conditions 

Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here
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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,382 Legend

    Can you do something for New Year's Eve and New Year? I love fireworks. But I also like a winter landscape quite well. When the sun is shining and the snow is glistening so nicely. Do you have any idea about it? I would be happy about that. It will be back soon !!! Thanks in advance.

  • MbsinkcmoMbsinkcmo Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Hiya @QueenB
    I really love all of the new art. It's crisp, clear and really "pops" on my android screen.
    I'm all for special events   B)  I think the team should copy the ways of Hallmark cards...make up holidays as much as possible. Let us players celebrate "Rancid the Raccoon Day!" Offer us a "Cropsie Appreciation Day." Give us a reason to stay in the game, since we only get 5 lives (as opposed to a timed play, like Candy Crush Soda Saga.) I often leave the game once the initial 5 lives are used and spend more time (and money) on CCSS because game play is not so limited. So bring on more of the special events! 
    And don't worry about Rancid! There's enough of him to go around without him teaming up with a partner or sibling! 
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,492 Superstar
    I will be brutally honest with you, I have been too busy trying to clear the levels to take notice of the visuals or animations.  But I promise that I will start to pay attention and get back to you on this!

    Something for Christmas or New Year's would be cool!

    Since I have noticed a couple of the same characters starting to appear in other games, I thinkto help him with his loneliness he needs to have someone like Rachel (CC Friends Saga) join him.  I know that she is too busy in the Friends game, but he needs a female raccoon! 

  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 13,646 Superstar
    Loving the new art @QueenB much more clearer and loves all the new events to, I prefer a totally brand new character to company Rancid maybe like a fox who always stealing eggs 🤔. Lastly special events for Christmas and New Years will be awesome 👍🏻

    It's going to be Friend-Tastic ❄️
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  • OncleSnakeOncleSnake Posts: 1 Kingster
    Spinnifix Hello, I am OncleSnake, a new member of the Farm Heroes Saga team! Thank you for your feedback! I can confirm we are working on a wonderful Winter Season with lots of challenges and presents under the tree 🌲
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,492 Superstar
    Welcome @OncleSnake!  It looks like your message hiccuped a little bit.  =)  And welcome to the team.  Can you please tell them that I really dis like frogs!  Just kidding!
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,382 Legend


     Thanks for reporting. We in Germany say: good things include 3. That's what you did. Question: Could you conjure up as a conclusion in the finale a great fireworks? Because the fanfares in the pumpkin country were okay. That would be nice of you.

     Greetings from Germany ♥

  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 9,276 Superstar
    Hi @OncleSnake Nice to see a new Kingster 😊 I love all the new animations and I totally agree that Rancid might feel lonely. He needs a brand new companion to help him. Since raccoons eat frogs, you might think of new level types where rancid will eat frogs and help @Elsa get rid of them!
  • RancidRancid Posts: 312 Game Expert
    edited November 5
    Elsa said:
    Welcome @OncleSnake!  It looks like your message hiccuped a little bit.  =)  And welcome to the team.  Can you please tell them that I really dis like frogs!  Just kidding!
    Hi @Elsa
    I love frogs, they are delicious!

    New event ideas:
    A Christmas event would have to be snow levels
    A New Years event would have to have lots of firecrackers in each level
    Instead of Groundhog day, How about Rancid day?

    And don't worry about me (I mean Rancid) being lonely. Mrs. Rancid and I had a couple of sons in the spring, so I might bring them along for a couple of levels soon. Just don't tell King Studios yet!
  • Tina_WrightTina_Wright Posts: 1
    I am def. liking the holiday color specials. Keep it up. Don’t forget recognizing all holidays:
    — Columbus Day ( do something w sail boats, anchor, ship wheel, things w more water)
    —Veterans Day (use colored eagles instead of frogs, use eggs that hatch eagles, 3 eggs complete a flag)
    —thanksgiving (crows=frogs, corn=sun, eggs=3 make turkey, pumpkins=carrots)
    —Christmas (trees=Flowers, red and green bulb tree decorations = strawberries and apples, candy canes=onions and when matched w H2O color of tensile that fixes broken bulbs instead of making rotten fruit fresh,, grumpy rancid should be holding a stocking that is filled w the level, do a different type of 3 eggs ( 1 Santa+ 1 reindeer + 1 stocking = 1 Christmas) so instead of getting x # eggs, abominable snowman instead of ice blocks)
    —New Years ( use various fire works for igniters, rancid could be blowing on a party horn as he is winning, when a level is won during specials have fireworks that blow up saying happy new year)

    rancid should have a friend or 2. He is a lonely pain in the butt. 

    Thanks for allowing me to share my input. If you like any of the ideas I will come up with more for
    other holidays. Including Martin Luther King, breast cancer awareness, and all those types of recognitions and holidays. 

    I know some of it may sound a little childish but it could actually be made very fun. I am a well educated 48-year-old woman and play this game to get away from people even though I love being around people and socializing. I use that as my therapy. 

  • RancidRancid Posts: 312 Game Expert
    We don't celebrate Veterans day in my country, when is it? But we do have Remembrance Day on November 11 to mark the end of WW1.

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,382 Legend
    Hello Tina

     That's a good idea from you. Only this day I do not know. I'm from Germany and the state is Saxony.

    We have on 20.11. Day of Prayer and Repentance.

    In the different territories of Germany there were different dates for penance and bed days. So one could count in 1878 in 28 German countries altogether 47 Bußtage on 24 different days. A united day of penance and prayer on Wednesday before the last Sunday in the church year was proposed in 1852 and 1878 by the Eisenach Conference Protestant church leaders. In Prussia this proposal became law on March 12, 1893. But only through the "Reichsgesetz über die Feiertage" of February 27, 1934 was the day of repentance and baptism a public holiday in the entire German Reich. During the Second World War, the Day of Atonement was put on a Sunday and thus abolished as a separate holiday - to summon all forces in the war. After the war, it was reintroduced. In the GDR, he was a non-working holiday, until he was abolished in 1967 in the wake of the introduction of the 5-day week. The West German states (with the exception of Bavaria) declared him after the war for a legal commemoration and public holiday. Bavaria moved to 1952, but the day was initially recognized only in regions with predominantly Protestant population by law. From 1981, the Day of Atonement and Baptism was also a non-working holiday in predominantly Catholic populated regions of Bavaria and was now uniformly committed throughout the Federal Republic. After reunification, the Day of Atonement and Baptism was also adopted by all the new federal states and thus became a national holiday from 1990 onwards. Since 1995, he is only in Saxony public holiday.

  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 3,140 Game Expert
    @Rancid Our Veteran's Day is also November 11. I had no idea other countries celebrated that date as the end of the war. What country are you from? Congrats on your family!

    @Spinnifix Thank you for sharing all of information! It is all new to me. History is different from different perspectives, of course, but I rarely think about how we carry on those versions in our yearly traditions. Very insightful! Also, because I saw you like fireworks, these are for you! Maybe they could do something with cropsies like this? 🥰

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    ❄️🎄Happy Holidays from Candy Crush
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    No matter what the list says, I did my best to be whaley good this year...🐳 
  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 3,140 Game Expert
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    I didn't get to ask when you were doing your Q&A @rancid but do you feel like your sleeveless dress-shirt and tie ensemble is a commentary on corporate conglomerates and GMO products? Farm Heroes are the small family farms who use organic materials? (Kidding!!!) That outfit is something though! 😂

    Maybe Rancid needs a pencil-pusher office type. I know! A Mole! A blind Mole who is obviously the big boss wanting to make the big bucks. Moles are not good for us around here. True troublemakers! Mr. Mole can be Rancid's "friend"/coworker. 😁
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    ❄️🎄Happy Holidays from Candy Crush
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    No matter what the list says, I did my best to be whaley good this year...🐳 
  • carolOliveiracarolOliveira Posts: 5
    edited November 6
    Não consigo ir para as novas fases, mesmo com o jogo atualizado e mostrando elas, ou o que devo fazer?
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