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Bug: Eggcracker booster turtioal

piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 687 Level 5
edited December 2019 in Support
A couple of days ago I did/played a quest/mission that gave a eggcracker booster as a reward. 

Now when I should play a level where I should collect chicken the turtioal for the eggcracker turns up. Black screen whit the eggcracker highlighted. I must click on the eggcracker booster in order to contiue. 

But I don´t want to do that because the eggcracker will be wasted. I want to use it when I see that I need it. Beside that. In the level that I´m on now there are no visible eggs to crack just the hens. So it will be wasted anyway.

The turtioal should not be there. The turtioal shows up when you play the first level whit chicken and that is early in the game. I´m on level 2624. But it´s not wrong on the level because I have looked on a couple of other levels where you should collect chicken and the turtioal shows up there.

So it is the turtioal that are wrong.

I´m not able to contiue play until this is fixed.  I haven´t reinstalled the game and not going to because this is in the game. And I don´t want to loose the boosters I have.

I will upload pictures later tonight. 

Using mobile phone. Motorola moto G5s android version 8.1.0 Game app version 5.27.9 Userid. 3915582009


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