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(ENDED) 🌟 BLOCKER BLASTER 🌟 Tournament -- Task THREE 💧💧💧

Lady_Choo Posts: 22,188 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited February 2022 in Contests

Hello Farmers! Its another contest day 😁

Are you ready for the Third weeks Task? 💧 This time, you have to play a level with the Water bucket and win it 💧

Water buckets start from level # 56

This task will be little different than the first two. You cannot collect the Water buckets themselves, so we will do the next best thing and collect Water drop Cropsies.

So what is the task?

** You will have to play a level that has at least 2 Water buckets and win it, to receive our "Well Wisher" badge

👉How do we enter? 📩

** Post a screenshot as soon as you open the level board;

** Post 2nd screenshot after finishing the level - where we receive Magic Beans/stars;

** No need to show your score, because we are only counting the Stars;

** Each player can have up to 3 attempts.

👉BONUS 💧💧💧

** If you achieve 3 Stars on the level, you will receive 5 points;

** If you do not achieve 3 stars, but played a Super Hard level with 2 stars, you will still receive 5 points.

👉What do we win? 🎁

** Every Farmer that meets the goal will win our FHS "Well" Wisher Badge;

** Also, Five Farmers will be picked randomly and rewarded 25 Gold Bars each.

👉When does it end? 🕕

This task will end on Thursday, January 13th, 2022 at 18:00 pm CET;

other clocks — @12:00 pm (USA EST) and @17:00 pm GMT

We hope you have fun with this new challenge!

Terms and conditions for all our contests.

Let the water hunting begin!

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