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🧺 Farmer's Market - New feature test!

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Welcome to Farmer's Market!

A new event that is at the moment being tested so we appreciate any feedback you may have.

How Farmer's Market works!

You will be given orders that you need to complete by collecting specific cropsies. Yes, you can replay older levels as long as the stars has been improved.

Once the order has been fulfilled, you earn rewards and a new currency that can only be used for Farmer's Market.

The more currency you collect, the bigger rewards you get. That is what the currency is for!

Please let us know what you think of the event, if you have experienced any issues or have suggestions for improvements, we want to hear it.

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🧺 Farmer's Market - New feature test! 108 votes

Awesome, my type of event
Werner_CichySabrinaMSparky_2_2BQN537tamecEynnerLa LeyJuliuszkuliusz1me6412Sofijastkbm7872ycats23Racoon7geanina1984Sgantzerorel23367Angel_Natashasaramoosteventsengbecki87 26 votes
I'm enjoying the different orders we get to fulfill
Maja_Nikolicrdherrera01SpinnifixKCullen127EvieH524SApple2vinouhtEwela989 8 votes
I find this fun and easy to understand
Eva_TolarováDoris_Kochnancyb099keshavrflkmeVavreckovaaniulaKingShuvogeisifAnguaB 10 votes
All of the above
HeadlessPummyRajEnergizerBunnyBabyB_wpgms_tweetybirdKiMaysjessie12883Palash_Sarmabramamjohn316xyzmiwi2windowslivecomAmoonmoonLeFlarcanemoe75ashilyaskm_silviaTanu_chauhan_1001Rkell14nilooooooskyerah 23 votes
I don't understand how the event works
bfvlcjones0519 2 votes
I don't have the event yet
Lady_ChooLaValeThmoMarcemarce22Staceyk4922bearwithmejeanpsencantesEOTheGr8MiladyRLoveDachsMountainMomurskarecnikDieOmimiJO202021rebelchildPrincess_JessicacarrotkingssinalcoCassD 39 votes


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