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🦹‍♀️🦹 New Hero Mode

Lady_Choo Posts: 25,078 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited August 2023 in Discussions

Dear Farmers,

We are starting a new thread (and will merge the one that was started as well with this) as the old Hero Mode test was resurrected and causing confusion. It keeps it neater.

What is the hero mode?

Pass a level (get to the first star) and any remaining moves can be used on cropsies that do not lose their extra points (like when you match on grass, or have cascading cropsies.

What is the hero mode skip?

Simply put, exactly that. You don't use your remaining moves up. Keep an eye on the remaining moves on a level. This will be highlighted by a special glowing effect (triggered by blue beams of light hitting target cropsies on a sparkling board) which will increase the value of the collected cropsies.

We are getting a lot of feedback for this and thanks to @gordan10 for starting the thread with their thoughts and getting the conversation started!

A lot more players have it now so please, anyone who hasn't already, leave your feedback below 🤗



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