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(ENDED) 🌹💖 Join in with the FHS global valentines contest 💖🌹

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Welcome to the Farm Heroes Saga part of the global contest farmers!

This time we are going to make you work for the rewards but it will be worth it.

Look at this image 👇🏻

We are giving you three clues. Each clue will lead to a discussion that will have that image in it. To get the rewards you need to follow the instructions carefully to complete the tasks fully.

For clue 1 & 2, you will need to comment with the titles/post the links to both in the comment section below. please use the spoiler so everyone has a chance to look.

For clue 3 you need to comment in the discussion itself "I found Amelia! If it is the correct discussion then you will get this badge 💖

At the end of the contest, 3 lucky winners will be chosen to win 30gb in their farm heroes game!

These are the clues:

Clue 1. Want to start with the basics? you might want to visit the pinned threads in the FHS support area.

Clue 2. Also while in support. Look towards the top of the discussions. Did you know that video help is available for many levels? Can you find Amelia in the most recent post?

(Please remember to post the links or the discussion names for those first two)

Clue 3. Because this is off topic, you will find the third post with a romantic theme.

This is where you comment "I found Amelia" in order to gain your badge.

(Note that if you do not fulfill all 3 parts your badge will be revoked)

But there is more..

As well as a badge in each community, you can also earn a special hub badge! You need to post the title of the discussion/ the link to the thread where you found the badge (only) for each of the global contest games HERE and once you have done that, you will earn the special hub badge.

The contest runs until 16:00 CET 23rd February

👉Contest Terms & Conditions!

Good luck everyone!!



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