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(ENDED)👉🏻International Mothers day 👩‍👦 Share a story and earn a🌹badge

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Hello farmers!

Did you know that May is the time for Mothers day across most of the world? Except for the UK who's origins of the special day began with the mother church. In America the annual holiday began with a single lady who wanted to honour sacrifices mothers made for their children. Its now worldwide and every country celebrates it.

(You can read more about it here)

So to tie in with this special day and the 1-2-3 grow event you will see in your game in a few days time, we are running a special contest in honour of our Mothers, Mums, Moms, Stepmothers or even special people that have stepped up to be your role model in your life. (yes even some dads have too but they get a special day later 😉)

We would like you to share a story of a special memory or event that shaped your life.

10 players who enter will win 30gb for their farm heroes games.

Also, everyone who takes part and comes back with their screenshot of their 1-2-3 cropsie will be given this badge. Isn't she pretty!

Remember to mark it as yours (I usually mark it in the middle as it cannot be cropped then to make it look like they are someone elses)

Contest runs until 13th May 17:00 CEST

Terms and Conditions here

We look forward to hearing your stories 🌷🌸💮💐🪷



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