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(ENDED)👉🏻International Mothers day 👩‍👦 Share a story and earn a🌹badge



  • Werner_Cichy
    Werner_Cichy Posts: 29,528 Crushing Legend
  • Nico_G
    Nico_G Posts: 5,535 Level 5

    Here is my pink crospie for Mother's Day @Lady_Choo 😊

  • MollyS
    MollyS Posts: 6,927 Pro Player 👑

    Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms out there, especially mine 😍🌷🌹

  • Racoon7
    Racoon7 Posts: 17,117 Pro Player 👑
  • SyahrinHisyam
    SyahrinHisyam Posts: 166 Level 3

    Hi guys😊😊❤️❤️

    My mother is a very good person, she gave birth to me a special person,🥰🥰❤️❤️ my mother really pays attention to her children and educates them well, she teaches her children well and she takes care of me and my brothers and sisters until we grow up and live healthy, mother is the best, and he also likes to cook and he also likes to sell is rice and side dishes, my mother likes to trade so that she can earn a living for her children and my father too.😊😊❤️❤️

    My mother is unlucky and she has high blood pressure, diabetes, shortness of breath but my mother can still breathe, my mother has kidney disease and in my mother's kidney there is a gallstone, the gallstone is a body inside the mother's kidney Me,😢😢😢 I 'm very sad😭😭😭, my mother will be operated on or operated using laser only, I hope the kidney stone in my mother's kidney will shrink. I hope you all pray for my mother to recover quickly and avoid this disease, and I will pray for you all, a special prayer like mine is easy to be granted, please everyone, I love you all.☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️

  • johamilton
    johamilton Posts: 25,238 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @Lady_Choo , what a nice thread. So many Mothers out there whether they have children of their own, adopeted children, step children or even being Mom's for animals. We all have different stories to tell.

    With me I would like to applaud my daughter and daughter in law with their kids. I am so proud of them. They are giving all their love to their kids like it should be. Raising them with respect of others and in return with all the love they themselves give out.

    Happy Mothers day to all, even though we all have different paths ~ Make it your own.🤗

    Here is mine ~ almost finished

  • SyahrinHisyam
    SyahrinHisyam Posts: 166 Level 3

    Wow! Rose Flower is so beautiful and cheerful🌹😊, she is like a rose to celebrate Mother's Day.

    Happy Mother's Day everyone, there are who those who still have mothers again celebrate Mother's Day every year until whenever😊😊😊

    Those who don't have a mother can still celebrate mother's day,😉😉😉 you just need your mother's prayer, a child's prayer is the best for your mother😊😊👍👍.

  • BQN537
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  • moe75
    moe75 Posts: 6,015 Level 5

    Hi @Lady_Choo

    My Mother’s Day Cropsie

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