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(ENDED)👉🏻International Mothers day 👩‍👦 Share a story and earn a🌹badge



  • steventseng
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    My family is not wealthy, and my parents have raised three children.

    Whenever we eat, my mother always gives delicious chicken legs to my father and me (I am the youngest son), and gives other meatier parts to my brothers and sisters. She eats the chicken head, neck or chicken foot.

    When I asked my mother, why don’t you eat chicken legs?
    She always answered with a smile: Because I like to eat the parts with bones, where the meat is the tenderest.

    When I grew up, I gradually understood that she didn’t like to eat the bones, but left the delicious parts for us to eat.

    This is my mother, great maternal love.her, great maternal love.

  • piaandersson
    piaandersson Posts: 1,032 Level 5

    Mothers day here in sweden is last sunday in may. Like others here, my mom are on the other side. It´s now little over a year she passed away. I can´t remember any special moment. She was just mom. ❤️

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 11,976 Friends Moderator

    My fondest memories of my mother are watching her laugh! She had so many friends and loved to spend time with them at our home. She loved to dance, play cards, and party! She found a way to make every day fun !

    I hope I get the next 1-2-3 Grow event in my game. I want to grow the pink rose and earn that beautiful badge!

  • xBlossomx
    xBlossomx Posts: 5,865 Level 4

    My mum was a very special lady. Helped alot in the community with food.And people who were just starting out with no house stuff. The community had a special name for her. They use call her puri khala.Puri is a puffedlike bread. And khala means auntie out of respect. She was very strong and independent and always helpful with other people although she was suffering from bone cancer. She never asked help from anyone when she was havingdifficulties in walking. She passed away in 2007 .I miss her every day.😪😪

  • Jose65_6
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  • DieOmimi
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    My 🌹 Mothers day Cropsie

  • Princess_Jessica
    Princess_Jessica Posts: 8,412 Jelly Moderator

    Happy mother's day to the world's best momma my mother. My mom is such a caring person. She was the neighborhood mom when I was growing up. There was children in my neighborhood that was poor. My mom would always give them food and clothes. If my mom saw something at the store that she thought one of the neighbors would need or use she would buy it and give it to them. My mom is the best. So happy mother's day to my mom I love you 💕

    Here is my rose fully grown 😍

  • Amoonmoon
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    It's so cute and I love it in pink too 💞💞💞

  • kiara_wael
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    My Cropsie. Happy mother's day

  • Moh1977
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    Hi @Lady_Choo

    Happy Eid to every mother who takes care and exhaustion in raising her children

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