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🍍🍍 Pineapples in Tropical Season 🍍🍍

PummyRaj Posts: 32,622 Candy Moderator
edited November 2023 in Discussions

Hello Farmers 👩‍🌾🤗

It is the Tropical season in our Farm and we have a new Cropsie to grow🍍🍍

We love to grow our Cropsies😍 And, we love collecting 123 Grow Cropsie badges even more😍😍 So, ready for one more badge?

🌟🌟 Show me a screenshot that you grew your Pineapple Cropsie fully and grab this badge🌟🌟

Only One Rule... 

NO Cropped Screenshots!! 

I should be able to see entire background in your screenshot!

If you post a cropped screenshot, your badge will be revoked🚫

Have fun, Farmers 🤗👩‍🌾

Terms and Conditions here



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