The studio wants your feedback! Do you know how the Cropsie Multiplier works?

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Have you ever noticed you can speed up the process on collecting your Cropsies?

This Cropsie Multiplier helps you collect more Cropsies with fewer moves!

When you make a match next to a target Cropsie, a number will appear on it. This shows how many Cropsies the value is.

 E.g. a Cropsie with the number 2 on, will be worth 3 if when collecting it on the next move.

Your opinion matters to us, so to make your game the best it can be, we want your feedback on the Cropsie Multiplier!

Have you noticed this feature while playing?

Do you get how this feature works exactly and how you can benefit from it?

Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here
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