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    @Wolftoro, welcome to our Community 😃

    I'm sorry but we only use English on the King Community, to make sure that everyone understands and can be understood. 

    Please feel free to re-post your question in English and one of our member will be happy to help you.

    Thanks for your understanding and have a great day!

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  • WolftoroWolftoro Posts: 6
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    Hello I'm alex mallea 

    1- When you pass a stage with a score greater than one determined to win 1 gold ingot
    2- Also collect stars and open a box that gives you gold, reinforcements and the like  
    3- Reduces the recharge time of the thrusters and be  
    4- Ease of getting magic beans 
    5- Being able to buy a Boosters with magic beans 

    Alex Mallea   
  • WolftoroWolftoro Posts: 6
    Hello I'm alex mallea 

    1- When you pass a stage with a score greater than a certain one, you can win 1 gold bullion 

    2- It also collects a number of stars so you can open a box that gives you gold, Boosters and the like 

    3- Reduce the recharge time of Boosters and that can be purchased with magic beans 

    4- Ease of getting magic beans 

    5- Being able to buy a Boosters with magic beans 

    Best regards   
    Alex Mallea   
  • byrd91162byrd91162 Posts: 4
    Used to have thousands of beans haven't played in a while some of these levels are way too hard without boosters. Lives are hard to receive along with sending as well. Takes so long to send or receive. I liked when it was just Facebook. I can't combine on my tablet. Need my shovels!
  • brewtownsirenbrewtownsiren Posts: 2
    I dislike that only some boosters are free or earned, and others you MUST buy. 
    My favorite is the doggie all crop collector, shovels and +1 value are nice also for getting past tough levels.
    I'd like to be able to earn the more rare power ups through daily login bonus or Amelia's prize boxes. A cleaner, egg cracker, or a gold bar would be nice. Please throw your non- or sparsely pay-to-play users a bone once in a while. Thanks!
  • dpepper73dpepper73 Posts: 9
    I use all the boosters! The shovel is best for zoning in on one particular square. I wish it was easier to buy 6 of them. There are times when I’d like to buy 6 shovels but it’s so hard to hit the shovel button again after hitting the buy button. It disappears so quickly! It’d be nice to be able to purchase other boosters in the same way as the shovels. How about that? Thanks. 
  • GrachuhGrachuh Posts: 4
    edited September 13
    **Edit by CM: Unsupported language**
  • The shovels are the best but so are the color collectors. I love them all but wouldn't make it through alot of level's without those two. I wish gold bars and beans didn't cost so much. I love the game but can't buy alot. I have never had them yet but Bonnie's boosters are awesome. My mom had them and they are so cool!! But I can't think of anything to change except to get some gold bars free once in a while!! ☺️ Love the game!!!!
  • prashantsanaprashantsana Posts: 1
    More Boosters please. The mower is probably the least useful. The gather all cat is my favorite. 
    New booster suggestions:
    1) Clean all (change all gumpys on the board to normal). 
    2) Ignite all (blow up either the firecrackers or the countdown fruit). 
  • mosi13mosi13 Posts: 35 ✭✭
    QueenB said:
    This is great feedback @Laetitia_Van_Zyl ;👍

    Thank you for taking the time 🤗

  • DaylinDaylin Posts: 24 ✭✭
    I like the clear all of one color booster and bonnie is awesome. I also liked the Choo choo trail
  • Today I won a colour collector and it is not in my boosters.  I am not liking the new update very much.
  • I won a colour collector bonus in the daily gift.  It is not in my booster list.
  • Alicat81_Alicat81_ Posts: 4
    I can’t get lives or any requests again in any of the games,I play farm heroes saga,farm heroes super saga and candy crush friends,I think the only game I get lives or requests in is candy crush friends,please fix this,I love the games,but hate these problems,I play on iPhone 
  • rustyfrogrustyfrog Posts: 5
    My wife and I both play Farm Heroes Super Saga. 
    She on her tablet me on mine.
    However it is like playing different games.
    She gets chances to watch videos and ads in return for extra lives and other boosters.
    I play on mine and get nothing!
    What do I have to do to get the same?
    We both love the game but in the interests of peace and harmony, please sort it for me.
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