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It was "not" a bug!



  • claudiawojtylaclaudiawojtyla Posts: 188 Level 3

    Dont remember now. But i let you know if this happend again

  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 466 Level 4

    @Rancid I know that it sometimes are on one specifik levels. But here (can´t write the name) was able to be so quick so he/she could take screenshots. And that on two different levels. So only that show that it is not just one specifik level that has the problem. Then add to that I have it on other levels. So here one can clearly say that it is not just one level.

  • RancidRancid Posts: 1,119 Legend

    @piaandersson there are over 3000 levels in FHS. The studio always asks for the level number for any issue. There are just too many levels to check, especially for an issue like this that would only happen on a rare occasion. Just give us some idea, that way there it narrows down the search.

  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 466 Level 4
    edited May 19

    @Rancid I had stoped reading this thread but I needed it now. So that´s why I read it.

    The studio can check out the levels I have giving. If they can´t get the problem by playing levels they can tweak levels so the comes to the point/position that they only have one move left. So I have already giving specifik levels. And as I said most rancid levels use to have grasseed and that something they should know since it is them who create the levels, so just check some of those.

    Now I´m done whit this thread.

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 409 Game Expert
    edited May 19

    I had this happen on multiple levels. If the Studio needs a specific level, have them check out 3129. This problem happened to me several times on that level. Very frustrating! There are other levels in that same episode that had the same issue -- not recognizing that a flower seed can be matched with a water drop and instead shuffling the board as though there are no moves left. I sympathize with @piaandersson and hope that @Rancid or @QueenB or @QueenMia can help.

  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 11,313 Superstar

    Hello dear @Rancid Hope you are doing fine πŸ€—

    I would like to share what I have noticed with regards to this discussion...

    I have noticed this in my game once in a normal level and once in a special event (the recent one).

    But, what I have noticed is that, the Cropsies shuffle when there are ONLY the matches with Hay seed / Grass seed can be done and no other Cropsie matches are available! It was the same case in both regular game and special levels for few times.

    After reading this thread, I was keeping an eye on the "auto shuffle", so that we can provide more info if needed. And, that is what I have noticed.

    But, I forgot to note down the level number though πŸ˜” Most of my levels are either Hay or Grass seed levels, and hard levels too. And as you might have remembered, the special event levels were the "flower seed" levels.

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  • RancidRancid Posts: 1,119 Legend

    Hi @MountainMom thanks for specifying a level and making those tags. Hopefully with that info some progress can be made.

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 409 Game Expert

    Level 3138 in Farm Heroes Saga also reshuffles when the only move left involves a grass seed and a water drop. This issue is not limited to a single level. I suspect it is a coding oversight.

    Tagging @Rancid and @QueenB and @QueenMia

  • donnakisor7donnakisor7 Posts: 16 Level 2

    I have noticed the same issue but it's only been since the firefly blocker was changed recently, before that it would only shuffle if i couldn't match anything

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