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  • Hey there, Welcome to the community hub! 👋 What you're referring to is another topic. There are a few levels here and there where new functionality (frog at level 531 for example, as well as various blockers) is being introduced. They are generally not too hard without start-up boosters, so you can get familiar with the…
  • Hello, Ms Newbie, Welcome to the forum! 👋 I'm also an Android phone user but the level seems fine to me. When did you last update your game? You could try the level on the browser version or the desktop version if you have a Windows PC. If you still can't manage on your own, feel free to drop me a line on Discord…
  • Hi there, The milestone banners system got fixed 2 weeks ago. In order to get your new banner, you need to repeat the last milestone level. In your case, just replay level 5000. Have fun! 👍
  • Not that I'm aware of. You could send a ticket to Support but that's about it. I'm afraid so. Boosters are stored locally and could therefore be lost. Support would normally only restore boosters that were purchased with real money or perhaps when the loss was caused by the devs.
  • Hello, Mr/Ms Newbie, Welcome to the forum! 👋 The game is currently bugged and landscape mode doesn't work, especially on tablets (ipads) and computer browsers. It's a known issue. No ETA on fixing it. ⭕ Why can't I play in landscape mode anymore? This is a TEST! If you're a Windows PC user, you could try the desktop…
  • Neither your phone, nor your home country seem to be causing this issue. Someone else posted about the same problem a couple of hours ago in a Facebook group. It could be related, so rest assured it's probably not your fault. I'd suggest reporting to Support to let them know. Just don't rush reinstalling unless you have…
  • Hello, Mr Newbie 🐒, Welcome to the forum! 👋 Why were you not signed in before? Did your levels not get affected? What level are you at, btw? If Support don't help you, feel free to drop me a line on Discord (Sun#0314) or Reddit (u/Sunnysboy). Good luck! 👍
  • Hello, Mr Newbie, Welcome to the forum! 👋 It's not such a bug deal, really. It does seem doable though. I've completed it with sugar stars a couple of months ago. Just keep trying or return later and see if using boosters will help. Sometimes it's better to finish it early, sometimes not. No-one will know you didn't…
  • Hello, Mr/Ms Newbie, Welcome to the forum! 👋 This level is broken. You must either get lucky with 2 colour bombs, or use a Lolly Hammer. I remember commenting it recently. Turns out it was over 3 weeks ago. lol The keys don’t drop within moves given, can’t figure it out. They move over that block?!? Here's what I said: How…
  • Hello, Mr Newbiek, Welcome to the forum! 👋 I don't know about levels becoming harder (sometimes it's just about luck and/or levels are hard in general, especially in the 10k+ bracket) but I can confirm that you lose ads and at lease Sweet Cinema, assuming you had those in the first place, since it's not a guaranteed…
  • Then why did you mark their reply as the answer to your question? I was going to skip this discussion because it was "answered". 😒 Anyway, hello there! 👋 What device are you playing on? What is your country of residence?
  • Hey there, Mr/Ms Newbie, Welcome to the forum! 👋 I'm afraid you're blacklisted now. It's a very old bug/strategy for punishing paying players. I totally don't understand why the developers refuse to fix/change that when it's clearly driving players away. Anyhow, I've so far seen 2 reports from people who had lost ads just…
  • Helloes, First of all, the Episode Race is not a live competition. This means other participants have already done these levels. However, they could've made changes to the way it works for the first people playing the newest levels. Anyway. 1. There is no time limit. Chances are at least 1 of the other "competitors" will…
  • Hey, You've already seen the other discussion: Level 13417 IMPOSSIBLE to beat even with boosters So you should know that Support are aware of the issue. Someone on Reddit mentioned that the first version of the level was actually quite alright - the lucky candies were dropping at a very sustainable pace. Apparently, the…
  • Funny "we fixed the bug" exclamation (I really laughed IRL 😁) and thank you for letting us know! 😊
  • Hello, Ms Newbie, Welcome to the forum! 👋 The in-game milestone banners can't be updated through the forum. The system got fixed 2 weeks ago. As advised above, you need to replay the last milestone banner level in order to get your up-to-date banner. For you this is level 4 000. Repeat it and your banner will get updated.…
  • Congratulations, @teeweiping! 🎉 You're making the community a better place. 😇
  • I'm sorry I can't be of more help but I've never really used an iOS device. Perhaps you should google it or ask a techier friend to help you out. I'm only sharing with you what other people have reported. Here's a recent report of it working the way I told you it should: I actually messaged this person for you. Here's what…
  • Hey, They fixed the milestone banner system a few says ago but after you previously asked about it. Have you repeated level 5000 recently? Go ahead and replay it now. Your banner should get updated right after. Good luck and have fun! 👍

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