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If you could add anything to the game, what would it be?

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 11,194 Community Manager
edited April 6 in Discussions

Hello Farm Heroes Super Saga Community,

Are you in the mood for some daydreaming today? I hope you are! Because our question to you is:

If you could add anything (an event, a booster, a game mode) to the game, what would it be?

We're curious to know what you come up with! Remember the Farm Heroes Super Saga team is listening...and the rewards are juicy! On one hand, knowing that you’ve contributed to making Farm Heroes Super Saga better. On the other hand, this new badge to the most insightful comments:

We’ll be awaiting your feedback! Please keep it:

  • Sweet
  • On topic
  • Specific- if possible, give us some examples so that we can fully understand what you mean :)

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  • Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 76,433 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello there! 👋

    I will like "A search box added to the game". The players can search what's level on search box that they cannot scroll down so much to select what's level on this game as well. (I see this idea got implemented on Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga and now is Candy Crush Friends Saga) 😉

    That's the most needed feature! 👆😊

    Except this feature, I will also like "Please add a "Confirm" Button to use Gold Bars/purchase" because I see some players has purchased gold bars accidentally on any King's Games, Golden level board (First try to complete) that's means they did completed any levels with their 1st try then golden level board will appeared and should be added another new features like Beat 5 levels with 1st try (complete 5 levels with 1st try to get sweet rewards), Collect the Cropsies Leaderboard Challenge (Whom top players will get bigger rewards), Join & Create Team with friends and/or players, Add more friends from Friend/Search Code and Daily Reward (Daily Reward would like the most by players) added. Also added milestone level rewards who have reached up to milestone levels completed on this game. 😉

    Well! That's all! Hope you love these new features and more new ideas then let you decision! Thanks! 😊

    💎 Diamond Lim 💎

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  • sampo2323sampo2323 Posts: 2 Newbie

    I would love a bonus that allows continuous playing. I would play this game all day long if you let me. I don't like having to wait until I have plays available...lol.

  • Panda_BearPanda_Bear Posts: 1 Newbie

    I would like the Race feature where u race with other players of the game to make it exciting and get rewards also add the the 1st attempt win at a stage and get a crown like it happens in Candy Crush Saga thank you

  • jassy7881jassy7881 Posts: 280 Level 3

    Alot more gard and winning boosters and gold

  • Angel_NatashaAngel_Natasha Posts: 8,526 Level 4

    I love the game as it is!!

  • BricornBricorn Posts: 518 Level 3

    An undo button.

    A confirm button to spend gold bars - it's about 5 presses to simply quit a level, but gold bars are just gone in one.

    A way to go to any level quickly without scrolling.

  • Racoon7Racoon7 Posts: 7,317 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @Lola_Pop I would like to see more FHSS events in the community, with opportunities to win/work for badges, like level badges as I believe there is currently only 1 badge for this. Possibly weekly race, ie. how many levels you can complete in a week.

    I know we have Fidget's Adventure but it would be helpful to have Daily rewards.

    It would be useful to have events where we could win GB and unlimited lives for our game.

    It would be helpful if we could use coins to exchange for baskets, as currently I can only exchange coins for watering cans and gloves.

    I think it would be good to add more boosters to the game, such as:

    An extra move booster (adding 5 extra moves if you need them)

    A wind booster (rather like the paint pots on PR, where you can blow a nut or cropsie 1-4 squares in the direction you want)

    A nut cracker booster (where you can collect a nut)

  • EnergizerBunnyEnergizerBunny Posts: 648 Level 4

    Hi @Lola_Pop

    I would like to see a option to confirm or cancel when using gold bars to complete a level.

  • FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,745 Farm Super Saga Moderator

    I know we have Fidget's Adventure but it would be helpful to have Daily rewards.

    They had tested it but canceled somehow.

    It would be helpful if we could use coins to exchange for baskets, as currently I can only exchange coins for watering cans and gloves.

    Baskets are much easier to get than before.Such as Quests,Special Offers and watching ads.(Because of watching ads,I have 100+ Baskets in my old and new devices.If you need it,tell me and maybe I can ask studio for you.)

    A nut cracker booster (where you can collect a nut)

    Try to let acorns get into 5*5 range of Fidget(normal condition is 3*3),then use glove(on "the Fidget you want") to collect them.(Read more about boosters.)

  • ShantaiShantai Posts: 1 Newbie

    It would be great if we could add people who play without having to add/bug people from Facebook friends.

  • Unstoppable123Unstoppable123 Posts: 238 Level 3
    edited May 16

    For the game, i think a mini game will do the trick.

    Putting a search box in the game will make it user friendly

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