Error message when playing on Facebook?



  • robynnerobynne Posts: 8 Level 2

    I am also getting thr no internet message what is happening is anyone sorted this as yet

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  • blossom11blossom11 Posts: 9 Level 2

    Doesnt look like they are willing to help us! I play on mac through facebook and have tried 3 different browsers, Safari, Chrome and firefox and i have cleared the cache and it makes no difference, i ether get the message saying i have no internet connection (which i do have ) or else i get a totally black screen once i click on the level i wish to play. Is there anyone from help or support that can tell us what to do as i am unable to play and clearing the cache and changing browsers is clearly NOT WORKING!!!

  • robynnerobynne Posts: 8 Level 2

    I totally agree with you blossom11 NOBODY seems to know how to fix this problem

  • jerseygirl7jerseygirl7 Posts: 2 Newbie

    Getting error message on FB but not until the gameboard is supposed to come up. On the other hand I can help other players or play in critter carnival or one of those extra games. Cleared cache etc etc and you're right these people who are supposed to be able to fix this are clueless.

  • Cindy_TaylorCindy_Taylor Posts: 5 Level 2

    It is disappointing......

    Sure wish they would fix this for us. Only game I play. :)

  • blossom11blossom11 Posts: 9 Level 2

    Me too Cindy_Taylor !!!! thats why it is so frustrating!

  • jeanluc_vw2020jeanluc_vw2020 Posts: 1 Newbie

    ID 1008325360 . heb ook het probleem van het grijze katje op de blauwe achtergrond die steeds een internetverbinding vraagt terwijl er internet is. Het blokkeert nu mijn reguliere spel op level 3465. Ik speel via facebook, gameroom. Heb alles al geprobeerd. Wie kan helpen ?????

  • LydieGLydieG Posts: 1 Newbie

    Game ID 100000552753406 connection failed

    Hi everyone, I've been stuck for a week on just one of my accounts, the other one works fine on the same device! Go figure.

    The account corresponding to this ID says it can't find my internet connection and more suprisingly, I can access the event but not the regular game.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

  • blossom11blossom11 Posts: 9 Level 2

    I am STILL stuck and i wish they would work out what the problem is - I can only play the critter carnival and magic mountain and weather alert- the actual game is unavailable to me as i continually get a black screen when i choose the level i am up to. Different browers make NO DIFFERENCE and clearing cache makes NO DIFFERENCE- PLEASE HELP PRS?????

  • Cindy_TaylorCindy_Taylor Posts: 5 Level 2

    I agree, losing a lot of players. I am unable to play the Rainy/Sun Days today. So that means I will not be able to play the new level that came out. Guess I will look for another game to play.

    What did you do different that we are all having these issues?

  • Becky_SeifertBecky_Seifert Posts: 4 Newbie

    I am continually getting the following when trying to advance in the weather island challenge, and I was not able to try Mystery Mountain at all over the weekend because every time I tried this screen came up.

  • Leda_GorgoneLeda_Gorgone Posts: 5 Level 2

    Same with me. It is the game problem and they don't seem to care about letting us know what is going on.

  • Cindy_TaylorCindy_Taylor Posts: 5 Level 2

    They posted on Facebook that they are working on it. :)

  • LMAC1964LMAC1964 Posts: 2 Newbie

    Hi Cindy...I am experiencing all the same problems you have...I am on level 3388...I sure hope they fix this soon. Lisa

  • Ester_JuliaEster_Julia Posts: 1 Newbie

    ID:1393972267 conection failed

    I`ve been experiencing a problem at level:1018. There is no diference in platforms or browsers, the message is the same.

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