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What is Missing? (contest finished)

Lynette Posts: 6,484 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited May 2022 in Contests
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I need help! I was playing Pet Rescue Saga Level 892 and have just one move left, but something is missing...

What is missing that I can use in my last move to save the dog and win this level?

Choose from the options below:

A. Pink balloon

B. Bomb

C. Line blaster

D. Pink block

Put your answer A, B, C or D in the comments below for a chance to win 20 gold bars for your game 😺

Please use the spoiler so that your comment cannot be easily seen.


  1. Answer A, B, C or D in the comments below.
  2. Only 1 entry accepted for every participant.

🏆️ Prizes

  • Five randomly picked players who have the correct answer will win 20 Gold Bars!

🗓️ Dates

  • You will be able to participate here until 2nd February 10:00 CET.  
  • Terms and Conditions here.



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