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🗼💨 The Line Blaster or the Column Blaster?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,502 Community Manager
edited January 27 in Discussions

Which of these Boosters would you choose if you only had these two to choose from in the game?

The Line Blaster or the Column Blaster?

Vote and comment how you feel about the choice!

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🗼💨 The Line Blaster or the Column Blaster? 37 votes

Line Blaster
Crazy Cat LadPummyRajbearwithmeNat09siti_payungNenikapakiDieOmimime6412Cats4CazcarmenechevarriaJessicaBillyLynitndaozCassDrascallycatMoh1977Racoon7DaniTheOGKCullen127Angel_Natasha 23 votes
Column Blaster
Lady_ChooLynettehopengod2Peanut7139SabrinaMLINDARAZOR1BQN537MiladyRlaleyteresawallace44HavishrebelchildJoJo75durhamNanda1973 14 votes


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