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(ENDED)👉Petopia quiz. A chance to win gold bars!🌼🌷🌼

Lady_Choo Posts: 24,698 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited May 2023 in Contests

Dear Pet rescuers its time for another contest for you!

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We are Halfway through April already, can you believe it?!

This time its a quiz about Petopia to see how much you can tell us. Lets see how observent 👀 you are.

Look at these questions below 👇🌼🌷

Which of these plants takes 6 hours to grow in Spring Petopia?

A Strawberries

B Carrots

C Tulips

How often is the Spring Market open?

A Every day at noon

B Monday to Friday

C Once a week

At what City Level can you get your Spring Petopia badge in Community?

A 5

B 20

C 50

Which is the final Petopia quest listed?

A Farmer Country: Reach 1000 Pets in your city

B Spring-topia: Reach city level 65

C Blooming City: Place 15 special buildings

What is written on this Card?

A Free block buster

B Make a Garden bed

C Dig Up Treasure

How to take part?🌼🌷

Please use the spoiler! We know it doesn't stop people cheating and copying others but we want to try and make contests fun for the players who do want to have fun. Its not all about the winning, its about playing them. Hopefully!

Answer each question in the comment box below. You can upload as an image or use the spoiler, which ever works better for you.

Prizes? 🌼🌷

Five winners will win 10 gold bars for their Pet rescue games

Duration? 🌼🌷

You have until Monday 1st May 16:00 CEST to enter your answers and winners will be announced shortly after

Terms and Conditions here

Good luck everyone!!



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