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🏝️🗺️ Share your Summer Petopia city view. (contest finished)

Lynette Posts: 6,213 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited October 2023 in Contests

Are you enjoying Summer Petopia?

If so, share your petacular Summer Peotpia city view with your fellow Pet Rescuers, here in the Community!

Post a screenshot of your Petopia that shows how you have built up the city and islands for your Pets. Post as many times as you like, we love to see your progress 😻

Win Gold Bars!

All players who share a screenshot of their Petopia progress will be in the running to win 30 gold bars.

Five random winners will be rewarded when the contest ends.

Claim your Summer Petopia badge!

All players that show us they have managed to get to City Level 20 in their Summer Petopia will also get our exclusive Summer Petopia badge.

Make sure to tag @Lynette or @Lady_Choo when you share your Level 20 (or above) screenshot, so we can add your badge 😸

Your City Level can be found to the left of the Love Points Meter:

More Summer Petopia in Community!

Find all info about Summer Petopia HERE!

You have until Friday 4th August 2023, 09.00 CEST to enter. You’ll find all terms and conditions here.

😺 New to the Community? Register HERE in just 2 seconds.

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